Smoothie Fever

My sister introduced me to the miracle of smoothies several years ago. Never a veggie fan, I learned that smoothies are a delicious way to consume nutrient packed spinach, kale, celery and cucumber (to name but a few). Smoothies are unlike juicing in that you are getting the benefit of the whole fruit or vegetable (think fiber).

In one of my 74 attempts at following Weight Watchers, I was dismayed to learn that, although most fruits and veggies count as zero points when eaten whole, become a point pig when blended. The argument on the web is this: when you eat your fruits and veggies whole, it takes more chew time, thus is more satisfying. THERE IS NOTHING SATISFYING ABOUT EATING KALE. Nothing.

I used to stress about being perfect when following Weight Watchers or any other diet program. For instance, I’d follow the program perfectly one day (usually Day 1). On Day 2, I might “sneak” a small piece of chocolate. On Day 3, I would “sneak” an entire pepperoni pizza. By Day 4, my mouth would be open and anything in my path would enter.


When you hit age 50,  you realize perfection is a ridiculous endeavor. I’m still a work in progress to shake those perfection tendencies, but I’m getting better. For instance, I no longer berate myself for having a smoothie instead of having the veggies whole. The thing is this: I would never eat raw kale or cucumber. Both of these food items are full of nutrients. If whirring it up in a smoothie is the only way I’ll get the benefit of those nutrients, then whirring it up in a smoothie is what I will do.

My favourite smoothie right now is a bright, fresh tasting blend of veggies and fruit. This is what I blend:

Baby spinach (handful)
Celery (half a stick)
Cucumber (1″ peeled)
Ginger (1/2″ peeled)
Lemon (slice, with peel)
Frozen fruit – currently frozen mango, peach, strawberries and pineapple (1/2 cup)
Water (to cover)

Nobody pays me to write this blog, so I will not advertise what device I use to blend. There are many choices on the market. Mine rhymes with Butri-Nullet, is not expensive and works beautifully.






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  1. Love the Whale Shark photo devouring all in its path

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