Shirred Eggs and Toast

Nothing like starting a healthy eating plan to get creative and want to try to new things. In my first week of my new healthy eating plan, I though repetition would be key. So I had the same thing for lunch throughout the week. By the second week, this became a little tired. Now, I have a bunch of things to take to work throughout the week, from chicken and rice, to butter chicken and rice, to chicken in garlic and chili sauce…. and rice.

Breakfast also, as been a repetition of steel cut oats. Instant oatmeal. Steel cut oats. Instant oatmeal. Weekends I treasure because I would indulge Michael and I in some sort of egg dish. Poached eggs and toast. Scrambled eggs and toast. Repeat.

Then yesterday, while we were enjoying our steel cut oats for breakfast, Michael admitted to buying ramekins and explained he made shirred eggs. Shirred eggs? Shirred eggs, thought I, was a complicated egg dish that required laying chickens in the yard, a full set of knives, an herb garden, a sous chef and cooking pots and pans with highfalutin French names.

You don’t.

All you need is:

Ramekins or an oven proof tea cup/bowl
Bit of herb (optional, but it’s what makes it extra savoury)
Grated Cheese

To make this, switch the oven on to 425F. With a delicate hand, butter the inside of the ramekins. Crack an egg in each. Top with salt, pepper, a teaspoon of cream, a few light handed strands of your favourite grated cheese, and a delicate sprinkling of thyme.

P1020455Place both ramekins on a baking sheet, and put it in the oven for about 9 – 10 minutes.

With careful timing, make your toast with about 2 minutes remaining on the clock for the eggs.

P1020457The result is a delicious,flavourful, savoury egg dish, and if light handed with the butter, can, in Weight Watchers points, add up to 6, including the toast (white). Supplement with fresh fruit and you have a very satisfying breakfast.


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  1. nice! i too thought shirred eggs was some ‘fancy-pants’, ‘impossible to make at home’ egg-y thing.

    fact of the day:
    i eat the exact same thing for breakfast and lunch EVERY week DAY of my life!
    boring – yes
    easy – yes

    breakfast: porridge of some sort
    lunch: peanut butter sandwich

    thanks for the post – you have INSPIRED me!
    su 🙂

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