Cally’s Teas Celebrates Earl Grey’s Birthday

Cathy here. Reblogging this post today, because March 13 is Earl Grey’s birthday! This post is worth re-visiting, but you need to know that Cally’s, who carries the BEST Earl Grey, is now located at 10151 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB. Her number is 780-757-8944.

I hope you enjoy a re-blog of my post from March 2010:

Walsh Cooks - An Edmonton Food Blog

The title of this blog is a punctuation fanatic’s nightmare. Even owning the book and day-per-page tear off calendar of Eats Shoots and Leaves, I’m still never quite sure if I’m applying apostrophes correctly.

It’s a big day in the land of tea lovers, and especially those of us who are dedicated lovers of Earl Grey tea!!  HOORAY FOR TEA!!! HOORAY FOR EARL GREY!!! And HOOTS AND HOLLERS OF JOY for Cally:

As I sit here and enjoy my steamy mug of Earl Grey, I must pay homage to Cally’s Teas. Cally’s is just a block from where I live (at the moment, Cally expects she will be moving this year – stay tuned), and is a delightful treasure trove of tea and tea things:

There are also yummy edibles, such as Duchy Originals. I like to think Prince Charles has a hand in making each batch of…

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