Cally’s Teas Celebrates Earl Grey’s Birthday

The title of this blog is a punctuation fanatic’s nightmare. Even owning the book and day-per-page tear off calendar of Eats Shoots and Leaves, I’m still never quite sure if I’m applying apostrophes correctly.

It’s a big day in the land of tea lovers, and especially those of us who are dedicated lovers of Earl Grey tea!!  HOORAY FOR TEA!!! HOORAY FOR EARL GREY!!! And HOOTS AND HOLLERS OF JOY for Cally:

As I sit here and enjoy my steamy mug of Earl Grey, I must pay homage to Cally’s Teas. Cally’s is just a block from where I live (at the moment, Cally expects she will be moving this year – stay tuned), and is a delightful treasure trove of tea and tea things:

There are also yummy edibles, such as Duchy Originals. I like to think Prince Charles has a hand in making each batch of biscuits, but I’m sure he is too busy running about with Camila and then stopping to have tea and biscuits on a plaid wool blanket, sitting on a hill with a sweeping vista of the Yorkshire Dales, instead of baking my biscuits. Regardless, this man is involved and makes a delicious product that also supports his charities. I’m a big fan of the Cheese Nibble, which is a savoury biscuit, but today we discovered the Toffee Biscuits Dipped in Milk Chocolate. I’d post a picture, but then you’d know what to look for, thus buying my supply. I can’t allow this to happen.

There are other non-tea things at Cally’s, and these are charming, whimsical and fun to find, like this Miso Pretty soap. Adorable!

To celebrate Earl Grey’s birthday today, Cally’s shop had tasty cucumber sandwiches and lovely shortbread cookies, cut in the shape of tea pots,  flavoured with Earl Grey Tea. They were delicious.

Click the photo above to be able to better read about the naughty side of Charles Grey.

When visiting Cally’s do yourself a favour, and go when you have the time to stop and chit-chat. Cally and her staff are social and friendly, will serve you a piping hot cup of tea, and your purchases are always wrapped (without needing to ask) in pretty, seasonally appropriate coloured tissue and bags, which recycle beautifully when gift giving.

Earl Grey’s birthday celebration is going to carry on all this week. Do stop in and say hello at 8610 99 St NW, Edmonton. There is even a little chair out front with cheery balloons, perfect for a patient husband to sit upon while waiting.
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  1. Thanks for this post! I love Cally's and I'll be sure to stop by this week for birthday celebrations.We heard she was moving too… hopefully she can find a space with a little cafe area.You are completely right… it's best to stop by with time to chat. Cally is so much fun, and the staff are lovely. Great post!

  2. habanerogal says:

    Love the new look it is a lot easier on these old eyes. Happy B'day to the Earl wonder what his fave tipple was

  3. I love Earl Grey tea but didn't realize he was an English prime minister and a hornbag to boot! I love Cally's Teas too, especially all her little gift items. Hadn't heard she is moving, so thanks for the heads up!

  4. Love your new look. It is fresh and clean and all ready for spring!… just like tea!

  5. I love the "husband chair" photo – it made me laugh. They do come in handy, don't they :)I like your new look too!!

  6. Walsh Cooks says:

    Reblogged this on Walsh Cooks and commented:

    Cathy here. Reblogging this post today, because March 13 is Earl Grey’s birthday! This post is worth re-visiting, but you need to know that Cally’s, who carries the BEST Earl Grey, is now located at 10151 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB. Her number is 780-757-8944.

    I hope you enjoy a re-blog of my post from March 2010:

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