Highlands Farmers’ Market

As late autumn settles in and things slow down, St. Mary’s is just heating up for winter!

St. Mary’s had a successful Fall Bazaar on October 26. It was well attended by vendors, people looking for lunch, and eager buyers of delicious baked goods, snuggly hand-knitted blankets, jewelry, trinkets and treasures, and the usually hard-to-find hand-towels with crocheted tops to hang in the kitchen to keep wet hands off the dish towel.

Lunch was hearty soup and home-made sandwiches. Pie too, of course. A surprise celebration for a birthday took place, and a rich chocolate cake was shared by all. Aromatic and always stimulating, St. Mary’s coffee was a-brewin’ and keeping the chatter at the tables buzzing throughout the day between new and old friends.

Are you a fan of Farmers’ Markets?

Between October 3, 2013 to April 24, 2014 the Highlands Farmer’s Market has moved indoors to St. Mary’s, from 4 pm – 8 pm on Thursdays. If you are looking for something home-made, home-baked, or home-grown, this is the place to be on Thursday evenings.

Highlands Farmers’ Market
4pm-8pm, Thursdays
Oct 3 – Apr 24
St. Mary’s Anglican Church
11203-68 Street


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  1. Good to know — thanks for the info!

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