Thanksgiving 2013

canadian-thanksgiving-quebec-action-de-grace-Oh I’m thankful. I’m thankful for a lot of things. Right now I’m thankful for my emergency vodka and grapefruit Sanpellegrino.

Ignore the cords and co-mingling of bananas and garlic in the background.

What’s cooking? Well, this is my First Thanksgiving that I am completely responsible for from appetizers to dessert. It’s just Michael and I this year. So here’s how I figure I’ll do Thanksgiving:

a) find emergency cocktail (in this case, previously noted vodka and grapefruit Sanpellegrino).

b) abandon any ideas of an appetizer and dessert.

c) read instructions on M & M Meats frozen stuffed turkey breast, start to thaw it despite the instruction’s protests. Yes, I hate myself a little for buying from M & M and not a local farmer, but a friend and a customer at M & M seem to be quite enthused. I am cautiously optimistic. The point of this exercise is to have the smell of turkey throughout the house. If Partylite came out with a Turkey Dinner scented candle, I would eliminate the whole turkey cooking part of Thanksgiving.

d) peel and chop the loveliest of fresh garden carrots, toss with honey, balsamic vinegar and a bit of ginger. Roast until roasted.

e) peel, boil, mash potatoes.

f) wonder how important gravy is, and determine it is not very important at all. What is important is….

g) Wine. Make sure there is lots of wine.

h) Music. Make sure there is lots of music.

There you have it. All anyone really needs is a bit of good wine, music, company, and whatever delicious bits and pieces one has for a truly enjoyable experience.

Although I am pleased and look forward to our intimate Thanksgiving-dinner-for-two, next year I won’t decline Thanksgiving dinner invitations. Thanksgiving is about having friends and family around, messy kitchens, boardgames and anguished cries of “I’ll never eat again!”.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. xo


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  1. I am sure it all turned out beautifully!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Who hasn’t resorted to M & M’s on occasion?

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