Godzilla in Old Strathcona

Godzilla in Old Strathcona

Found this on our walk this morning in Old Strathcona. This was shortly after a man in a VW Beetle drove past us in an alley, Twistin’ the Night Away blaring, windows down, stopping beside us, and he driver-seat dancing, and Michael alley-dancing, right then, right there.

There is no price, no money in the world that can buy moments like that.

I love my neighbourhood.

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  1. Are you starting a Japanese theme here on your blog with this post and the last one?

  2. Walsh Cooks says:

    LOL Seems that way. I have always loved everything Japanese. I am certain I am a reincarnated Geisha. One lifetime of restraint and control has made me the reckless hedonist that I am in this one.

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