Rickshaw Cocktail

Seriously have to consider changing the name of this blog to Walsh Drinks.

Fellow gin aficionado Keith introduced me to a website this morning at The Huffington Post, Fall in Love with Gin Cocktails. You know its going to be a good day when you are looking at cocktail recipes before 9:30 am.

Now that the snow has melted into steady rain, and the earth around Edmonton has heated up to a balmy 10C, I was immediately intrigued by The Rickshaw as presented by Nick Evans at his blog, Macheesmo. On days like this, one needs something bright and refreshing.

I was in a mood to concoct things in the kitchen, and today was the perfect day to make a basil simple syrup for The Rickshaw. It required a trip to the Italian Centre Shop for a punnet of fresh basil and a produce bag full of fresh limes, followed by a spin with a half-twist through the Superstore Liquor Store for a bottle of gin.

To make a Rickshaw you will need: Gin, fresh lime, ice, fresh basil, cucumber, sugar, water, and a shaker thing. Please check out Nick’s blog for the easier-to-follow recipe.

I’ve never made a simple syrup before. The thing with me is, if a drink tastes good, I tend to take dainty sips…. but dainty sips that have no pause it between. I sip until that sucker is gone. *hic*  This is why I lean towards wine and beer – they taste good, yes, but they aren’t FRICKEN spectacular and certainly don’t make me moan in ecstasy. It takes me a bit longer than 30 seconds to finish a glass of wine or beer. So you see, to save my liver, I avoid things made with simple syrup. Until today.

P1020370Simple syrup is that. Simple. One measure of sugar. One measure of water. Put it on the stove over medium heat, bring to a simmer, and sim-sim-simmer until the sugar is dissolved. Now to get fancy, add a super-big handful of fresh basil to the mix, and stir. After a few minutes, when the sugar is dissolved, switch off the heat let the basil flavour steep until the syrup cools to room temperature. Your home will smell marvelous. You will be tempted to dab a few drops behind each ear. Instead, pour into a glass jar.

P1020371To make a Rickshaw, put a bunch of ice in your shaker. Add 2 ounces of gin, 1 ounce of fresh lime juice, and 1 ounce of your basil simple syrup. Shake the bejezzus out of it. Pour the works into a pretty glass, garnished with thin slices of cucumber. Drink. Curl toes in a happy sort of way. Relax.



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  1. acanadianfoodie says:

    OMG! Laughing and craving a rickshaw…. and your company!

  2. The oriental theme continues . . . no rickshaws in Japan, but close enough!

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