Don’t Do It Japan!!!!

I get all sorts of weird, interesting, odd things in my email since I started writing this blog of mine. Today I got this press release:

9th May 2013
Breakfast Cereals Are The Rising Star Of The Japanese Bakery & Cereal Sector
Breakfast cereals grow ahead of the sector trends as Japanese consumers begin to replace their traditional breakfast foods

There’s more information at this site if you are interested:

I really don’t know what to say, except suggest that a study be started right this minute so we can watch the collective BMI of our friends in Japan go through the roof.

Froot Loops, despite their tastiness, are not conducive for good health.

Japan, you are warned.

PS:  If you mean Japan is increasing their consumption of steel cut oats, I withdraw my warning, and congratulate you instead on your continued good health.

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