Cornflakes are Good When….

To answer another Google searcher who landed on my blog after their question “Cornflakes are Good When…”.

Well, let me answer that for you. Cornflakes are good when:

1. You want to eat something that the TV commercials tell you are healthy, but in reality, after a few spoonfuls of sugar and virtually no fiber, is very similar to eating a bowl full of sugar cubes.

2. After 14 days of eating steamed chicken breasts on your new eating regime you decide to give them a twist and roll cut up chicken breasts in crushed corn flakes and bake on a Pam sprayed pan and roast in the oven, hoping to get something similar to Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s, but all you get is chicken breast rolled in cornflakes that you will end up dipping in vats of ketchup mixed with Sambal Oleek, mustard mixed with honey, and plum sauce to give them some flavour. And then the sweet potato fries didn’t really brown up nicely in the oven, so you have plate of slightly grey, slightly warm sweet potatoes that you dip in all the same sauces for the chicken fingers, and in an hour, you are so dissatisfied with supper, that you go through the nearest McDonald’s drive thru and order up the 12 piece Chicken McNugget box with an extra-large order of fries anyway.

3. Cornflakes are good when they are on sale, and you can’t resist the bargain, even though you never, ever buy cornflakes. Then you take them home, put them on the shelf, and remember you have them two years after their sell-by date.

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  1. Michelle says:

    ROFL Cathy! Apparently they are very high in salt as well… I have been known to snaffle the odd box of Cheerios, but we will stick to porridge and Weetabix (or rather, Weetabix will stick to you and every surface you own, and that stuff is like concrete)

  2. Dr. CaSo says:

    Hahaha, very well put 😀 (I think I have about 5 boxes of cereals that I have never opened and that are about 2 or 3 years old…)

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