Specialty Tea

Regular reader of my blog? You know I love tea. New to my blog? I love tea. My usual is Cally’s Teas Best Earl Grey, because, it is simply the best Earl Grey tea on the planet. I’m letting you know this in case you are wondering what to buy me as a mid-summer just-because present. Cally hasn’t opened her new shop yet, but remember, you can call her at 780.436.5038. And until her new shop opens, she delivers, right to your door!

With my last order, she included a very tasty sample of Luxury Freeze Dried Pineapple. Not only would it give astronauts on the Space Station a very tasty treat for their Hawaiian Night parties, it is also very good added in cereal, muffin recipes, or as Michael and I like to do, eat it right out of the bag. Cally explained that the pineapple retains it nutritional value during the freeze drying process. Amazing considering how much it shrinks:

My good friend, who recently got me excited about playing boardgames again, sent me a link to some fun specialty teas. Now, Cally does not sell these at her shop, but they are available at the Neato Shop.  No offense to anyone I work with who is reading this, but my personal favourite is the Get Along with your Co-Workers Tea.  🙂

Click the pictures to read the small print.





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