25 Year Reunion

I was such a lady…. 

On June 11, Henry Wise Wood Senior High, Class of ’85 is having its reunion. Am I going? Nah. I already keep in touch with the people who have remained my friends over the past 25 years.

You may remember my blog entry of March 27, 2010 when I took a trip down memory lane, thanks in part to my old friend Peter finding my grad picture, and posting it on Facebook.

Consider this entry a Part 2, and remember food from 1985:

New Coke:

My collection of Cherry Blossom boxes that lined the inside of my locker:

Big Gulps (I’d drink litres and litres of diet Coke)

Lethbridge Pilsner Beer (I always loved the label)

Yup. That sums up 1985.

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  1. Yeah, you were a classy broad all right! Nice pic!

  2. Maki says:

    I loved the label on that pilsner. my dad used to drink it all the time and I always remember counting the bunnies on it.

  3. Hilarious. In 1980 I was 25 and divorced with 2 children. In 1985 I was teaching school with EPSB and mom was taking care of the kids. I remember no music, no politics, only little giggles and tickles and lots of school work. What a great post!:)I feel the same. I have had my best friends since I was 12 – a LOT a Years… but, I grew up in Red Deer – there was one HS and so, I go back… but for the 30th, we just went for the meet and greet the night before. My mom just attended her 65th!!!There is nothing like an old school pal.XO

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