To Calgary

Saturday morning, woke up, stretched, and decided last minute that I was going to drive my Michael down to Calgary (Michael’s original plan was to travel by Red Arrow).

Decided to make a day of it, and packed a picnic. We started our road trip via highway 2A, and meandered through Leduc, Wetaskawin, Hobbema, and Ponoka. Made a vow to stop in at Ponoka at the end of June for the Ponoka Stampede and watch the chuckwagon races.

For our picnic, we stopped in at the pretty little rest stop at Bowden, and had a front seat view of the RCMP hidden behind a bush, ready to zoom away to catch speeders.

Lunch was nothing fancy, but then, nothing beats egg salad, a Coke Zero and an apple:

After lunch, we took a little walking tour of the camp ground, watched the fuzz chance after speeders, and enjoyed the sun and each other.

We arrived into Calgary in time for tea.

For our dinner, we decided to find our favourite maître d’, Gaston Langlois. We found our man running the Selkirk Grille at Heritage Park. What a pleasant surprise that was! And what a night! But I save that for my next update, because believe me, Gaston and Co., deserve a blog entry of their own.

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  1. Hey, get a room, you two!

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