Katchoomber Salad

For those familiar with my blog, or more for those people who know me quite well, here’s a rare image. A salad. Made of vegetables. Let me introduce you to a Katchoomber Salad. You must read about it and get the recipe at Cookbook Cooks as I did this very morning.

I’m always looking for ways to eat things that taste amazing, but might afford me less calories than say steak and lobster, or a Dairy Queen Blizzard, and still have significant nutritional value. My friends, this is it. It’s a delicious, simple-to-make salad, and you probably have the ingredients sitting in your crisper right this minute. The salad has a distinct Indian flavour, is fresh and crisp.

Speaking of India, special welcome to newest Walsh Cooks fan, Nimi Sunilkumar from Munnar, India. A warm hello to my mysterious new friend in Portugal who has a website all about beer. Now how on earth that connection was made is beyond me, but the ether knows I like beer, so our meeting was inevitable.

A comment about my chocolate chip cookies. I made a double-batch on the weekend. Decided I couldn’t keep them in the house, and to the dismay of my husband took in most of them to work to share. They hit the lunchroom table and the bag was picked clean in 2.3 minutes. I think it was a world record.

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  1. Good JOB! Kelly will be thrilled to see you made one of her recipes. Isn't it amazing what she has accomplished. I keep inviting myself to dinner, but i guess I will have to do what you have done. Make her recipes myself!@:)Valerie

  2. Thanks Cathy! I am glad you enjoyed the salad. 2.3 minutes is a record!! You will have to treat your co-workers more often. Your poor husband – cookies snatched out from under his very nose!!

  3. Oh, co-workers are always a bunch of greedy buggers when it comes to treats in the workplace.

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