Blog-on-ese Sauce – The Saga Continues

Valerie of A Canadian Foodie gives me a shout out. Thanks Valerie!!! Click the link to read her version of my bolognese using the mysterious Thermomix machine. A space age device that every kitchen should have.

My public service announcement of the day is this:  People of Edmonton. Get outside and SNIFF THE AIR. It’s fresh. It’s British Columbia coast. It’s wonderful. Now go. Shoo. Breathe in that fresh air.


We had a supper of “poutine fries” at Route 99 (thanks Sharon of Only Here for the Food):

It was an enormous serving. Michael asked Lisa our waitress to call the paramedics to have on hand because something this delicious cannot end well. We decided to take the untouched pizza home for future noshing. A difficult decision because, you see, it’s Thursday, which happens to be Pizza Night.

But we Walsh’s live on the edge I tell you. On the edge. After supper, we thought we’d take a sneak peak into the “other” side of Wild Earth Cafe and see what the hub-bub is. Here’s a picture:

It’s cozy and ambient. The seating that exists now, is intimate, and I have to say I am not aware of another coffee shop in this city that has such intimate seating – perfect for friends to get together a chatter about this and that. It has cozy corners, with tables tucked into them, which reminds me of snugs in old English pubs. It’s a very warm and inviting space, and can only imagine that it will be even better once they open up the original half which has been under reno’s. We were told it should be done in a few weeks, followed by fingers crossed and a “hopefully”.

Our fresh BC air turned into a tempest on the way home. Michael and I arrived at the back door as the skies opened and a deluge fell on Old Strathcona – we were giddy for foiling mother nature and her plan to soak us and our box of pizza.

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  1. Yeah, what a downpour! But we really needed it.

  2. Sharon says:

    Glad you enjoyed the poutine! I am guessing we are pigs then, as we usually have the poutine as an appetizer, then an entree each to follow…

  3. Where is the new wild earth cafe? Supposedly in the west end – but not on their web site yet.:)valerieAnd we breathed the fresh air all day yesterday… at Wellington's and holes. No one else out in the rain enjoying the droplets on the lush vegetation but us. I loved it. Vanja was freezing.:)Valerie

  4. C Walsh says:

    Debra: It can warm up now.Sharon: Michael and I wonder how you remain so slim with having poutine as an appy, followed by the main course? Unfair! :-)Valerie: The new Wild Earth is exactly where the old one is. They are expanding/renovating.

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