Mmmmm Bread!

If you are cutting carbs, look away. Look away now.

With this “cleanse” I was on, all things bread were sacrificed. It was horrible. By Day 4, I was done. I could give up the sweets, the treats, but bread? No way. Nor the lure of a patio on a sunny afternoon to drink a few beers with a friend, but that’s another story for another day.

As the experts suggest, my body, after a four day bread famine, went into overdrive and was screaming for bread. You might have heard the banshee-type scream out there in Sherwood Park, but may have thought it was the wind with the small tempest that blew through last night. I can confirm that was my body demanding bread.

Today after work I obliged the demands for starch and stopped in at Tree Stone Bakery to give it another try. I’m still adjusting to the new owner Yvan Chartrand, his staff, and the new inventory stacked up and tipping over in every available space. I miss Nancy, her baguette recipe, and zen-like order of the bakery. But because this place is one block from my home, I am determined to stay positive and give Yvan and Co., a fair go, and love the place.

Starring in the picture above is the Potato Bread, $5.00. Still as excellent as when Nancy made it. Next to it is a cinnamon bun. Yvan, god bless him, is baking up sweet things. I tried a piece shortly after this picture was taken, you know, for journalist reporting purposes, and can objectively say the exterior of thing was dry. However, the centre looked stodgy and full of sugary goodness, but I’ll leave the “best bit” for Michael for his evening tea. I think that was priced around $2.95. (!!!)

Finally, the lovely girl at the front counter, threw in the sesame bagel for free, and I will give that a try tomorrow morning for breakfast. It looks promising, but it is still not a wood fired bagel, which I am ever so patiently waiting for. Hint. Hint.

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  1. C Walsh says:

    Update:Asked Michael for his opinion on the cinnamon bun, and his verdict: "It's alright". But he spent a few minutes chewing the last bite and didn't have the look of rapture one should have when eating a cinnamon bun.Just makes me wonder aloud why bother creating so many items and do a half-assed job of it, instead of concentrating on a few items and doing it well?

  2. The bread would be great with your meat sauce. I made it – and finally posted it. How did I do?:)Valerie

  3. lalaine says:

    Ha ha ha. I got ya. That's exactly how I feel about my rice. I'd rather walk 1000 miles everyday than give up these pearly whites.

  4. C Walsh says:

    Valerie, you did me proud with your version of the blog-onese sauce. Glad it worked out.Lalaine, I agree the world is a better place for rice. Steamed rice, fried rice, rice pilaf, cabbage rolls, rice pudding… oh yum!Everyone, the sesame seed bagel from Tree Stone verdict? DELICIOUS. Strong on the sourdough flavour. Toasted perfectly. I'd even rank it up there second to my favourite bagel of all time, the wood-fired bagel. I never toast a wood-fired bagel, so I would say Tree Stone's version of a bagel tops my list of Bagels-To-Toast.

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