Cleansing, Lentil Dahl and Rice Pilaf

Decided to do a “cleanse”.  Although I have a mind that leans towards science and logic, every once in awhile I like to delve into the mystical. I do not believe for a second that a “cleanse” removes toxins from my body, but I do believe that eating healthy things begats a healthy body. And, if you have been following me on Facebook, you know earlier this week I had a supper of Twizzlers, potato chips, and an Eatmore bar, so this body needs some nutrition and fixing up.

The mystical part of my cleanse, is rummaging through my spice cupboard. My spice cupboard is one of my pride and joys. My landlord’s father was thinking (probably coaxed by my landlord’s mother) to build an apartment that has such a useful space. I can hear it, “Dear, build me a spice cupboard. Something I can easily see and reach, and not too deep lest the bottle of coridander gets hidden behind the molasses”. Still, useful as the cupboard is, as I was rummaging around for cumin for my lentil dahl, I still found artifacts and many jars full of mystery spices. Not sure if you can make it out in the picture, but I put bulk spices in old jars, then label them with my trusty black Sharpie. Twist the lid off once or twice, and the label is removed or smudged. So I have things in there I have to sniff, re-sniff, ask Michael to sniff, taste, and then take a leap of faith before adding it to my dish. In the spirit of recycling, I have jars in there my Mom used for canning, so some jars have “1987 – Beets” written on the lid. The contents today, appear to be dried and red. One has to pause and wonder if the beets have mummified, or if in fact it is cayenne pepper.

I am on Day Two of my cleanse, and I’m eating quite well, meaning healthy. The diet leans towards vegetarian, although things of fish and meaty substance are “allowed”. The instructions also say that I am to avoid foods that are not listed, and while “wine” doesn’t appear on the list, fruit is, and using my own thought process, I know grapes are fruit, and therefore allowed. I’m sure one could argue that the fermenting process adds yeast to the wine, which in the world of serious cleansers is a Bad Thing, I still insist on enjoying my life, and if a glass of a half-bottle of 3/4s of a bottle of wine makes me happy, I will drink it. Life is far too short to nit-pick these sorts of details.

I have taken a picture of the final product, but, it is not at all enticing like say, video of a bacon-cheeseburger placed between a honey-dip donut: 

In fact, it looks a lot like something special effects would use in a film to portray vomit (in the spirit of the Exorcist and the famous pea soup). Healthy eating is NOT food porn.

I asked Michael what he thought of it. His response? “Crunchy”. For that, I will share an edited photo  of him asleep on the La-Z-Boy this afternoon. Note the Death Grip on the remote control:

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  1. "Healthy eating is NOT food porn." Still, you arranged it artfully on an attractive plate, very nice!

  2. "Crunchy" did deserve the revenge. Hilarious. Does he read your posts? Vanja does when I tell him I have posted a new one, and now and then he will take a look at my comments. A photo of him like this would get more than a little rise out of him. I am still laughing!:)Valerie

  3. Yum- it looks to good to me and tasty too!!

  4. C Walsh says:

    Cookbookcooks, I just KNEW you would enjoy the lentils, and I thought of you while I was cooking them up, wondering, how a person could vegetarian all the time. Wish I could, but I could never say no to a nice slab of prime rib.Debra, thank you for seeing the "artful" arrangement of lentils. I have looked at that image sideways and by squinting, and I don't see artful at all. Just proves, art is in the eye of the beholder. You are lovely to say so though!Valerie, Michael does read my posts. I'm not so sure if it's for my writing, or just to see what I might be posting about him in particular. One day, I'll do an "ode to". Should keep him on his toes. Ha ha.

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