Happy Mom’s Day!

Michael and I took Mom and Ed out to the Devonian Botanical Gardens today for a Mother’s Day Tea.

This is my Mom:

The event included admission to the garden, a seating time in their Pine Pavillion, table service that included your choice of tea or coffee, followed by a split scone filled with cream and strawberries. They call it strawberry shortcake, but I call it a split scone filled with cream and strawberries. Moms got to pick up a nice potted pansy on the way out. I took one too, because I have ovaries.

After our tea, we strolled through the woods and Michael and I patiently waited while Mom and Ed looked for mushrooms. They spent quite a bit of time kicking leaves and twigs aside, because Mom was determined to find some, but they came up empty handed.

Mom, Ed and Michael did a tour through the butterfly garden, which I concede is beautiful, but will not go in it for fear of butterflies getting tangled up in my hair, or a sticky cocoon falling down the front of my shirt. Instead, I sat at the entrance to the Kurimoto Japanese Garden, enjoying the peace.

I am a bit skittish when it comes to insects, as Ed found out. An innocent bug decided to peg me between the eyes. This caused me to scream and jump up and down, because as anyone knows, this is what you are supposed to do when bugs touch you. Ed, who didn’t see the bug, nor understand that I’m twitchy around bugs, looked stunned and horrified. Mom and Michael had to explain that I am not possessed by a voodoo curse, but instead am just reacting to an insect.

Shortly after this, Mom was encouraging us to “go our separate ways”, as I’m sure she didn’t want anymore bug drama from me, so we parted company.

It was a great way to spend the day, and I encourage any of you to check out the gardens. Maybe not right this minute because in the flora inventory there’s nothing except a few blossoms, a few leaves, a patch of green grass and one or two crocuses. But give it a few weeks, and the blossoms will be in full bloom, along with the peonies, assorted other flowery things and rhubarb.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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  1. I refuse to go in the Butterfly House too. Anything flying or fluttering around my head gives me the screamin' willies.

  2. Sounds like a lovely time! Devonian gardens is terrific. We have our work picnic there every summer.My Mom lives in Ontario, so it nice to read about families enjoying the day with more than just a phone call.

  3. Does your mom colour her hair? Just kidding! What a personal question, eh? She is gorgeous and is definitely looking a lot like you – or vice versa… I wrote about mine, too – but only about her birthday tea… just posted it on mother's day weekend… but MINE is 80!!!!! Enjoyed the giggles – and thanks again for sharing your family recipe!:)Valerie

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