Hemispheres Wine Guild

I am a marketing person’s dream come true. If I get excited about a product or service because I was dazzled by a slick web page, a positive review, or word-of-mouth recommendation, it’s as if I lose my ability to process facts, rational thinking, the idea of “need” vs “I want”, and forget about all the starving people in the world, and next thing you know, I’m quickly typing in my credit card information, expiry date and clicking enter before I allow myself time to change my mind because I’m obsessed with a new idea or product or service.

A few weeks ago I was signing up for vegetable delivery throughout the summer because of a great blog article I read, AND I DON’T EVEN LIKE VEGETABLES!

Today, I joined Hemispheres Wine Guild. As you all know, I do drink wine!

First delivery is advertised as being vaguely expected in “Spring 2010”.  Michael, who sighed deeply when I told him about my latest venture, pointed out that a case contains 12 bottles of wine, and last year, we probably bought 8 bottles of wine throughout the ENTIRE YEAR! So, what will we do with 12 bottles every quarter? Well, drink it of course!! I see myself drinking it on the bus on the way into work, at work, at lunch, stirred in my afternoon tea, during the walk home through the river valley, while cooking, while cleaning up, and ensuring a full glass is available on the nightstand. I might have to brush my teeth with it, and dab some behind my ears. All the while I’ll have Edith Piaf playing in my iPod.

What is Hemispheres Wine Guild? Their website says:

A wine club in Canada offering international fine wines that you can’t buy, sourced by your expert, delivered to your door, for as low as $100/month.

Hemispheres Wine Guild is a membership based wine club in Canada offering an entire world of undiscovered wine. With a membership you receive bottles of extraordinary quality crafted by meticulous wine makers devoted to bringing the best out of each grape varietal. Our wine expert goes directly to the wineries on your behalf, stands with the winemaker, and tastes them all.

At all our wine club membership levels you’ll receive more than top quality wine; you’ll gain a deep appreciation for every detail of the bottles you’re about to open.

How can a person not be excited!? Especially when I usually buy the same old tried and true plonk every time I go into a liquor shop.

Stay tuned. You will hear more about this.

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  1. Too cute. I laughed about mixing wine into your afternoon tea – a great way to make it through the work day.I think you should have lots of parties!!

  2. I foreshee lotsh of fun and shellabrationsh coming your way shoon!

  3. C Walsh says:

    Party! Now there's an idea. Should have a "Followers" party and invite all of you who read this, over to help us open and drink up the first case! Shipment is due in June. Can't wait.

  4. Hi Cathy!Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Hemispheres Wine Guild! Join us on Facebook and Twitter, we often run contests & announce special promotions this way. http://www.facebook.com/HemispheresWineGuildhttp://twitter.com/hemisphereswineLook forward to keeping in touch.

  5. Don't forget to phone and order your Indulgence Tickets. The wine is there. The food is there. It is a foodie's heaven. You have been, correct? Ticket time is nigh!:)Valerie

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