Delux Burger Bar

I had pictures of the interior of this place, taken with my cell phone. But I appear to be having some technical challenges this morning and can’t get them loaded on my Mac. So, I cheat, and send you a link to Only Here for The Food who did a nice review last September, and included some great pictures.

Located at 9682 – 142 St, Edmonton, it’s in a great location – next to Careit Urban Deli, Cob’s Bakery, and a variety of other restaurants that we still need to explore.

The welcome at Delux was warm and friendly. We were greeted with posters describing a burger called the Hesco Heart Attack – which is an obscenity of two beef patties, bacon, an assortment of three cheeses, and in an effort to sound a good for you, “life saving lettuce and tomato” served on…. a cheese bun.

The service was slow to start, but at the same time it was recognized by our server and apologised for. Michael and I decided to share the Delux burger: 8 oz. Black Angus beef, blue cheese infused, caramelized onions, portabella mushroom, double smoked bacon, and ciabatta bun. Hm. Clutches heart. Still working. Moving on. We also shared the Delux Duo: french fries and sweet potato fries. And the sweet potato fries were actually sweet potato fries and not yams as some people tend to slip those in the fryer instead, and They Are Not The Same vegetable.

Surprise to no-one, I had a beer. I tried the Thirsty Beaver amber ale, and Michael had a Caeser (salted, no celery). The Thirsty Beaver was nice, and I always enjoy supporting local (meaning brewed anywhere on our planet) breweries.

Our server, while chit-chatting with us, declared the Sherbrooke Liquor store in Edmonton, to be the definitive place to buy beer, and the Thirsty Beaver can be found there. Check it out. I think he might be right: Sherbrooke Liquor.  I will check this place out and report back in a future blog – but by doing so, I see this moving more towards a booze blog than a food blog. I’ll be the Thirsty Traveler of the blog world, except will have to be called the Thirsty Couch Potato to make it more real.

I liked our meal. Half a burger, and sharing the fries was more than enough food for both of us. The music was cool and ambient, stuff I like, and the decor of the place matched the music. However, if one squinted and paid attention, you would see that the furnishings had better days.

The washrooms are worth a remark. Communal sinks. Enough said.

My day ended with a visit to the new Transcend coffee shop on 109th Street in the old Garneau Theatre block. My friend and I both it gave it our stamp of approval. However, I learned a life lesson, which I will share: NEVER have a shot of espresso without some sugar. And if you do happen to drink espresso without sugar, I want to talk to you. You probably also enjoy eating plain celery, run marathons, and eat tofu because you like it.

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  1. Definitely go to Sherbrooke… it's amazing! You can lose yourself in their beer cooler for hours. It's especially good to go on hot summer days when you need a cool down… the cooler and actual beer make the trip multi-purpose.

  2. We love going to Delux – for the veggie burger of course. I like to get the Ally Kat Aprikat beer – Yummers!!!It is great location, b/c if you need to wait for a table (which often happens) there are lots of other shops to browse around.The vanilla milkshake is delcious and my hubby loves the banana split!

  3. Peter says:

    hmmm Cathy, I will def have to try out Delux when I am in town this weekend for the volleyball provincials. I think my daughter would love it! mmmmm…bacon….as for the espresso..espresso is a little harsh on the palette…but just a touch of cream fixes it nicely. Try it out next time.

  4. C Walsh says:

    Thanks for comments everyone. Peter, if you go, let me know what you think of it. If you need recommendations for other places, might be able to muster up a few for you.

  5. Carol says:

    I agree with Marianne and Charles. Sherbrooke is a must visit for all beer drinkers. They also have some other interesting liquors that aren't available at other stores.Loved the comment on the sweet potato vs. yam. Some people just don't understand.

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