Foodie Pressure!

Now that I got a wee bit of recognition, I’m panicked that maybe I should be eating gourmet breakfast items… something like coddled eggs with a bit of shaved truffle.

*long pause* Fretting about where I would buy truffle, and what it might taste like. I know the chocolate kind. I know mushrooms grow in the ground. So I figure the flavour must fall somewhere in between the two. I hear the collective shudders of chefs and foodies around the globe.

Today, all I could muster up for my breakfast was my specialty, formage fondu sur le pain au lin grillé – which is French for melted cheese on toasted flax bread (I used my translation widget, so I know).

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  1. Willow says:

    Truffles are like scotch — an acquired taste, and very expensive, yet worth it if you're into eating food that tastes like a sweet, warm breeze replete with dead animal! White are definitely better than black ones, and the Italians will tell you that theirs are better than the French ones. Peter Mayle will disagree…

  2. C Walsh says:

    I asked myself "Who is this Peter Mayle"?. After a quick Google search, and a lunch time run to the bookstore, I now have A Year in Provence, and am happily into February.

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