Liane Faulder Rocks!

Edmonton Journal food columnist, Liane Faulder, who has just become my all time food writing idol, gave me a little plug in her blog. Click the title of this post to access. No wait. I’ll post it here:

Local self-described wanna-be foodie Cathy Walsh has launched a new food blog called Walsh Cooks. Check it out. Also, local food blogger Kelly….

Visit her site. As you can see, she is an outstanding human being. I have also neglected to write that I won a cookbook from her, titled Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations by Eric Akis. I’m so giddy for being mentioned in Liane’s blog that maybe I will have a celebration and try out Eric’s recipe for Herbed Goat Cheese Logs.

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  1. morag says:

    how exciting!

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