Simple is Best

In my quest to become a foodie, I am learning that it does not necessarily mean one has to pretend they know what Gremolata is. One just needs an appreciation for food. Real food. And real food does not include the fish ‘n chips special from the food court at Canada Place (my lunch yesterday).  Furthermore, real food doesn’t mean one has to be pretentious about the whole thing either.

Sure, it might be fun at a social gathering, canape in one hand, glass of champagne swinging in the other, and gaily talking about the Gremolata you made last Saturday, and that you only use citrus flown in from the hills of Sorrento, picked by virgins, crated by monks, and delivered on the back of donkeys….. but seriously, that’s not necessary.

To be a foodie, one must be willing to learn, to taste new things, and to make food choices of items that are whole foods. The complexity of how the food items are put together can be in varying degrees, but it all boils down to whole food.

Figs baked in honey = foodie food
Corn dog = junk food
Goat cheese = foodie food
Cheez Whiz = junk food

So I don’t leave you hanging: In the book Everyone Can Cook for Celebrations, Eric Akis describes Gremolata as: An Italian-style garnish made from a mix of chopped parsley, citrus zest and garlic. Simple and delicious.

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