Couscous & Lentils

Crazy. Woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning starving for breakfast. I opened the fridge door, thinking of having something normal like eggs, or granola.  But there staring at me at the bottom of the fridge was a left-over bowl of lentils and couscous I had made four days ago. In the background you could hear the skreetch-skreetch music from a horror flick. The question was, are they still edible, or have they become a petrie dish from a science experiment? You see, I have this thing about left-over food in the fridge over one day old. If my husband isn’t looking, out it goes in the garbage. My hubby on the other hand, has this thing about waste and savouring things, and letting flavours meld, and he’s been known to eat left-overs OVER a week old…. I silently shudder this.

But I digress, it’s 4:30 a.m., my stomach is growling, and you know? Curried lentils, couscous and mango chutney can be breakfast food! It’s protein! It’s got vegetables! It has sugary fruit! It has couscous… which is what? A grain? We’ll go with grain! (One of my brain cells is screaming at me, just above my right eye, telling me it is in fact a pasta, but pasta is made from wheat, and wheat is a grain, so we will go with grain, and the screaming brain cell that is making my eye twitch can just shut up now).

I did the usual sniff test, and it all checked out. Popped it in the nuking device to heat it up, and it turned out quite yummy!

So now that the time is on this side of 5:00 a.m., my stomach is making some pretty strange sounds again, and it has nothing to do with hunger. Hopefully my stomach is just on a spin cycle to digest my eclectic breakfast.

Notice, there is no picture of the couscous, lentils, and mango chutney – the picture would not at all be flattering. I am however posting a picture of my desktop, literally… my desktop, that I took whilst trying to upload photos from my camera to my computer. My growing readership is demanding pictures, so to satisfy your demand, here is a picture of my tea-stained coffee mug!

Couscous and lentils. The breakfast of champions.

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