Remembrance Day

Here’s a picture of my grandfather, taken last year (unfortunately with my cell phone) moments before the Remembrance Day ceremonies.
Tomorrow, my Mom, aunts, uncles and cousins, Michael and I, will be with my Grandfather while we celebrate Remembrance Day together at St. Andrews (followed by a buffet lunch).  My Grandfather doesn’t talk about WWII with us at all. The most I ever heard was when we used to remember out at Entwistle/Evansburg and my Grandfather would meet up with his old friend Charlie H. at the Legion. They would both have a whiskey and talk about the war. I wasn’t meant to hear any of it, and probably because of that, I don’t remember what was said. Although I would like to know what he went through, I also respect that it’s very private to him.
Although he won’t vocalize what he went through, tomorrow my Grandfather will speak loudly through his actions. He will march with a straight back and chin up to honour the memory of his lost buddies, with dignity to represent what he believed in and continues to believe in, and with respect for the freedoms we have today.
On a regular day, I cherish, love and adore my grandfather so much, it brings tears to my eyes. I’m so happy he’s healthy and able to see his family as it grows. But tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be bursting with pride. It will be an honour that I can’t articulate in words appropriate enough to describe how I will feel to be by his side while we remember together.
I love you Gedo.
Update: Here’s a picture taken right after the Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 11.

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