Peanut Satay

YUM! I love lunch!

Just made a peanut satay sauce for my chicken breast. The sauce was worthy of my inaugural use of my brand new George Foreman Grill! Darn it, that thing cooks fast, and the chicken was delicious!

Yes, yes, I know I could have cooked the chicken on the stove top, or roasted it in the oven, but this is fast and does not require any fat whatsoever. We’ll see if I have the same enthusiasm after I try cleaning it…. and try cooking for two.

The peanut satay…. blended together some peanut butter (natural stuff), soy, chili peppers, ginger and garlic.  Not altogether sure that is what a real satay sauce would be made from, but it seemed to make sense to me. The main thing is that was delicious. I had all this with couscous – which is an interesting mix of Mediterranean and Asian, but it worked!

I’m going to continue to play with my grill and try cooking up some veg. I am also going to attempt making a pumpkin soup. If it’s good, I’ll ask you all over for dinner, because Michael does not like pumpkin in any shape or form. Yes! Even pie! Imagine! And I married him!

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  1. Charlotte says:

    GASP! truth be told, i always said i didn't like pumpkin pie and then realized i had never actually tasted it. delish!! do you still love your grill after cleaning it? that's usually what keeps me from using ours, but really it's not that bad to clean. i'm just lazy!

  2. C Walsh says:

    …Just noticed your comment! I must have turned off my notifier…. The George Foremam…. I don't feel the love when it comes to cleaning.

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