Ha! Went to the doctor’s yesterday, and I didn’t get weighed!! But truth be told, my weight, other than a miraculous 20 pound dip in the summer, has been the same since 2004. Still Dr. H made a few encouraging and sympathetic comments about my struggle with weight loss. It wouldn’t be so difficult to lose weight, I think, if I hated food. But I love it! I love it all!

But never mind that, today is a day-off work for me, and I have No Plans other than to meet up with Michael for elevenses. Have you ever heard of this? Elevenses? Well, this is an English Thing Michael practices. Essentially in North American vernacular , it’s a coffee break that takes place at 11:00 am. It’s things like this that make my man so charming. If you are curious about the history of elevenses, and wonder what Winnie-The-Pooh ate at elevenses, then you must go to this link: Elevenses according to Wikipedia

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  1. Charlotte says:

    as always, my dear Cathy, entertaining and educational! 🙂

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