Drugless High

Yesterday was a GREAT day – even though I sat in a training room for most of it (as learner, not the trainer). The class was led by a friend of mine who I adore, and is one of those people that when you leave, you feel energized and happy. I carried that “high” into the evening, and had a wonderful night.

On to walking news, doctor’s orders was to walk 30 minutes every evening after dinner, but when we calculated our usual path, I was worried because we can do it in about 20 minutes. Last night, we added a few extra loops, and the walk came up to about 45 minutes. Much better.

Speaking of doctor’s…. today is my annual exam. I’ll be weighed. The doc will give me a stern talking to about losing weight. I will come out of that exam with renewed vigor and drive to actually do something about my weight, and by 6:00 p.m. I’ll be eating pizza and chips. Delete that.  By writing that, I’m creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Today I will emote healthy dietitian all day. Dr. Dasgupta, my kidney guy, said you can always pick out the Dietitians at the hospital cafeteria. They are the ones that eat two bananas and a yogurt for lunch. YUM-fricken-MEEEE!!!! (But easy to pack for a portable lunch… no?).

I can do this. For one day.

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