Another Bike Ride, Beer and BBQ

We had so much fun at yesterday’s bike adventure, we did it again today but ended up downtown at the newly renovated Second Cup (there goes another free ad). It looks great in there. It was long over due.

After the ride, met a good friend back at the Sugar Bowl for beer, and concluded our visit with a wonderful and beautiful stroll through the river valley. On a bike you don’t notice so much (at least I don’t a) because my helmet blocks my view, and b) I’m concentrating on staying on the path).

We had a fairly decent BBQ at my Mom’s place. It’s just a pity she wasn’t there. Even my sister left shortly after Michael and I arrived (but that’s because she was picking up my nephew who was with his dad – when Jordan heard we were there, he wanted to come home NOW). (I love that sort of thing).

Just watched Inspector Lewis, and my newest boyfriend (in line after George Clooney and Daniel Craig), is Laurence Fox.

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