Bike RIde

Today we went for a bike ride through the river valley, and ended up at Transend for one of the best coffees I ever had. On the way home hit Hardcore Mountain Bike Shop on 82 Ave and helped them celebrate their 20th anniversary with a BBQ. After 25+ years I finally got a rack installed on the back.

Michael and I did walk as well. This took us to Furusato, Coney Island Sweets, and Chili’s for a late night drink on the patio (I had to conquer a Bull Dog – if you remember, I had one during Fringe, and it’s one of the only drinks I never finished – last night I did).

I am ashamed my blog sounds like free advertising for these places, but each of the places I mention I really do enjoy (and if I don’t, I will say so).

Yachts by Coco Steel and Lovebomb This link is to a piece of music I have fallen in love with. If you know where I can find a legal copy to buy on disk, record, tape, 8-track or MP3, please tell me. The title is Yachts, and the group is Coco Steel and Lovebomb.

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