Royal Lawn Bowling Club

I needed a walk tonight. This morning I took a strip out of a young man at the bus stop who was spitting. He spat on the sidewalk. He spat on the road. He did this many times. I tried to ignor this, but I was beginning to wonder how much spit one person can generate. When he spat IN the bus shelter on the wall, I went nuts. Before I could stop myself, I tore out my iPod earphones, and shouted at him “What the HELL do you think you are doing”. I continued by calling his actions disrespectful, bottom of humanity’s barrell, and outright called him a pig. He looked a bit surprised, and I was sure I’d have a verbal fight on my hands, but I was surprised when he apologised! And seemed to mean it! He said he wasn’t thinking and needed the kick up the arse to put him straight. The cynic in me is sure he said that tongue in cheek and is plotting his revenge.

This evening, I meant to do the usual walk in the ‘hood, but my feet carried me all the way to the Ledge to the lawn bowling club. Nice to see my old lawn bowling buddies. Up the Clarets! The evening was beautiful. That lovely golden light at the end of the day. The leaves just starting to turn gold. Beautiful! The walk itself was about 40 minutes, and I did it at a fair pace in order to meet up with Michael to hitch a ride home.

Hubby is shouting words of joy. He just bit into one of Mom’s garden fresh tomatoes!

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