Legislative Grounds

My craving for lemongrass chicken with vermicelli noodles dictated that I drop Michael off at lawnbowling so I’d have the vehicle to pick up my order. Doans is truely the best place for lemongrass chicken.

Had to pick his nibs back up, and in doing so, we walked around the Legislative grounds together. The garden looks amazing – the flowers are in full bloom, the Lois Hole memorial garden is maturing, the bongo drummer WEREN’T playing last night, there wasn’t a soul in the wading pools, so it looked like glass. We met up with one fella who had is iPod on and was singing along out loud. Another fella commented to us to “watch out for the weirdo” meaning the music man, and when we explained that he was just singing along to his music, the second fella went into a rather vocal dissertation about weirdo’s – Michael and I started to move to get away from his rant, but this didn’t phase him so he continued yammering to the trees and squirrels.

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