Fun Fringe!

The 12 block walk today included another pit stop at Holy Trinity Anglican Church to watch the Maltese Bodkin. An interesting play where time collides as Shakespeare’s best meets a 1930’s private eye with a defective lighter. The show was highly entertaining, and for a two hour play, the time went quickly. However, prior to the show, Michael and I were moaning about the length of the play, and came up with the following song. Sing to the theme of Gilligan’s Island:

The Two Hour Play

Oh crap we have another play
A play that’s two hours long
Our butts are gonna get really sore
On those hard plastic chairs

Down we go into the basement there
The basement of the church
Rows of hard plastic chairs
Prepared to hurt our bums

We wait for the curtain to go up
Our asses are already sore
We can’t believe the length of it
A two hour play. A two hour play.

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