Fruitcake Fringe

Our walk last night found us in the middle of Fringe, and to fortify ourselves for our show, we found a nice bar that served a delicious Bull Dog. What’s a Bull Dog you ask? It’s a Slurpee type of margarita with a baby bottle of Corona tipped upside down in it. Delicious. I am fan.

Our show last night was Fruitcake, showing at the Laugh Shop which is upstairs on the corner of 82 Ave and 104th Street. A nice little venue, looking very much like the stand-up comedy stage that it is.

The show was fine. Interesting. Sad. Funny.

Afterwards, our fine dining plans were thwarted as the line up for green onion cakes wrapped around McIntyre Park and we had no patience for it. We swam through the crowd to what I call the Food Cul-de-sac on the other side of Fringe, and there, the que was less, but sweet potato fries and Italian just didn’t quite cut it for us. We ended up at Route 99 for a quiet meal, then home to bed.

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