Fringe Finale

Sad and happy this is the last day of Fringe. Today we started with Red Bastard in Acacia Hall. We laughed the entire show, but I was terrified I was going to be singled out to perform some antic, then sad when I wasn’t. We managed to get home for a few minute breather, then walked through Mill Creek ravine to get to La Cite Francophone for Spiral Dive: Episode Two. I got a bit snoozy in it towards the end, but by no means from boredom. Again, the acting was delicious and the portrayal of a dog fight was very well done.

But the best of all? Was saved for last. Mom, Ed, Michael and I wandered over to Devaney’s Irish pub, and had the best pint of bitter, the best roast beef dinner, and the best of Celtic music! It was a perfect ending to the week.

Now it’s time to put our feet up, have a nice cup of tea, and wonder what the hell I’m going to write about for the next year!!

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