Finished with F’s

Now that Fringe is over, I have to get a more creative about my walk stories.

I had an extra two block walk this morning on my way to work. Got to the bus stop. Saw the bus. Put hand into the pocket with the bus pass… no bus pass! So home I went, muttering a few expletives, retrieved the bus pass, and got back to the bus stop in time for the next one. Still managed to get to work on time.

Lunch time: Did a couple of blocks to get to/from Canada Place, but since buses happened to pass at the Exact Same Moment I was at a stop, I hitched a ride.

Evening: Commuted home via 104th Street, stairs, hum bridge, river valley, hills and stairs. Took about 45 minutes. All in all, the “real” walk of the day.

Now it’s time to tuck into dinner and Coronation Street at 7.

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