A Caribbean Thanksgiving



I’m always game for a free sample, who isn’t? Just look at Costco. The end of each aisle looks like feeding time at the koi pond. However, instead of having to fight off crowds at Costco, in my inbox was a pleasant e-mail from the GraceKennedy food people from Jamaica offering free samples of their Caribbean spices. All I had to do is say “yes please”, and a week or so later, a box brimming with bottles of rubs and sauces arrived.

I have made my own marinades and attempted a few dry rubs, which work just fine. And although my spice cupboard is fully stocked, my spice blends end up tasting mostly the same. I was excited to try the marinade samples.

We have tried both the Pineapple Coconut Sensation (which I mistakenly used as a rub instead of a sauce…. no problem though. The extra sugar gave the meat nice crusty bits), and the Roasted Garlic and Peppers blend. Both are delicious. The sauces taste great. We have tried them with both pork and chicken, and the meat has come out tender and delicious on both counts.

So if you want to shake up your spice flavours, I do encourage you to try a bottle of Grace Caribbean Tradition spice blends.


Crabapple Jelly



This autumn, Michael noticing crabapple trees heavy with fruit along his bike commute, was inspired to make his World Famous Crabapple jelly. It’s quite the lengthy operation.

He started by asking the business owners if it would be okay to pick the crabs. The response was “yes please do because they are falling on the cars”. The following week, on a pleasant Saturday he headed down to pick the fruit. I stopped in to say hello wondering how he planned on carrying two full shopping bags back home on his bike (I took them back in the car). It’s beautiful to be out on a warm fall day, the sun shining in your face, sniffing the smell of fallen leaves, rotting apples, swatting wasps, staring at people staring at you picking apples from a private business’s property.

The bags of apples sat in our storage room for another week, giving Michael time to round up canning jars, and scent our little apartment in a beautiful way that reminds me of my grandparents home when I was a tiny tot.

After another week, Michael cut each of the little apples in half, tossed them in a soup cauldron stems and all, and boiled them. After the boil and cool-down, he strains the juice through cheese cloth overnight:




Because this is a Process, he bottles the juice up in clean 4 litre milk jugs and takes up every available space in the fridge for ANOTHER WEEK.

On a sunny Saturday morning, Michael carefully measures and calculates the amount of sugar required, and boils the juice and sugar mixture. Whilst this takes place the jars are sterilized, and carefully filled. Then the morning is filled with the sound of the lids popping, followed by Michael giving out a hearty cheer after each pop.


At long, long last, we have a table full of jewel toned jelly, perfect for topping fresh bread and butter.



Chocolate Peanut Butter Kettlecorn



Do I really need to say more?

Popcorn, Indiana sent me a sample of their new Chocolate Peanut Butter Kettlecorn.

Let me tell you about it. Ready?

It’s crunchy, salty popcorn with a velvety smooth peanut butter chocolate drizzle. The perfect snack when you want something salty, crunchy, sweet, rich and quite frankly, something that tastes absolutely sinful. Sinful, but not obscene like double deep fried Mars bars. Oh no, this treat is, without a doubt, my new Go To snack food when I need to console myself with food. Yes, yes, yes, I should put on my sneakers and go for a long walk in the fresh air to console my aching psyche.  But sometimes (although with me it happens more often than not), nothing says, “there there” like a delicious snack.

P1020950My sample arrived in a 156 g bag, and is available in major grocery stores. It advertises on its front, ZERO trans fat, Gluten Free, and 100% natural. It did not taste fake. It tasted delicious. On the back of the bag their story starts with “We Get It” and tell us they know “we crave a snack that’s completely decadent, completely over-the-top, completely life-altering.

It definitely achieves over-the-top, but life-altering? Perhaps, but only because it was so rich and sinful I am sitting here pledging to the diet gods that, “I will never eat like this again”.

It’s 140 calories per 1.5 cup (cups of popcorn are dismally small). It has 7 g of fat, 90 mg of sodium, 19 g of carbs, and 2 g of protein. It does contain peanuts, milk and soy.

If you are looking for something new, different and decadent, this is the stuff to try. Just don’t forget to get outdoors and have a walk afterwards.


Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto


This afternoon Michael took command of kitchen and gave me strict instructions to STAY OUT. Shortly after I hear rummaging in the fridge. Rummaging in the storage room. Chopping. The sound of our tiny food processor whirring. Several audible questioning humphs, followed by increasingly more positive sounding mmm… mmmm…. MMMMMMMs!

After a few minutes, I hear, “You have GOT to try this!”. Out of the kitchen comes my hubby, beaming face, and arm outstretched holding a piece of Italian bread with a generous spoonful of his inaugural batch of homemade sun-dried tomato pesto (without pine nuts he adds quickly). I hush him when he wonders if it is a true pesto if it doesn’t have pine nuts. “Who cares?” I ask. As long it tastes good, that’s all that matters. And it was good. Delicious in fact.


P1020948Michael Walsh’s Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto (without Pine Nuts)

3/4 cup (ish) sun-dried tomatoes (packed in oil, drained)

Garlic (4 big cloves)

4 tbsp (ish) Olive Oil

Salt (to taste)

1 tsp (ish) Basil (dried leaves, because that’s what we had on hand)

Whir in a food processor until very well blended.

When I quizzed Michael about amounts, he stressed the importance of adding “ish’s” after every measure. He provided his best guess for you to use as a guideline.


David’s Tea


What? It’s wrong to have a beer accompany my weekend afternoon mug of tea?

In 2012 I did a post on tea, in particular my long standing favourite, Earl Grey. To do research for the post, I had written to a number of tea companies and got generous samples of their teas to try. One of these, David’s Tea, I remember well because their samples were generous and introduced me to varieties of Earl Grey I had never heard of before.

At the time however, I was quite overwhelmed with all the tea that was given to me, and didn’t want to play favourites with one company over another, because all the tea was good.


Michael’s tea-tin, full of Tetley. Beside that is my Tetley green, some tea from the Empress in Victoria. On the shelf is the coffee grinder and bag of Transcend beans that smell so awesome words can’t describe it.

I’ve always been a lover of tea, and just the other day after a particularly warming cup, declared to Michael that “Tea makes me feel good – it’s sort of like a nice warming of the tummy, followed by the all-over warm-fuzzies you feel after watching pandas go down a slide, followed by the feeling you have been hugged nicely by someone you love”. I further declared that “Coffee does not make me feel this way. Coffee makes me feel obligated to run through the apartment, and start projects like dusting, vacuuming, organizing cupboards, making a macrame plant hangar, and bake a cake designed to look like a princess from the Disney film, Frozen…..all at the same time”.

Michael blinked at me with the patience that he has, so I continued with my observation.

“Then I will realize after emptying our storage cupboard to look for vacuum bags, a fresh Swiffer duster, macrame boards, flour, and Frost princess cake molds that we don’t have these items! I will try to calm my nerves by sucking back another mug of coffee, but of course it doesn’t work! The anxiety and despair I feel for being so behind in my projects has risen to a level that any rational thought has no room to be considered and my mind is already jumping in the car and racing through rush hour traffic to get cleaning supplies from Wal-Mart on one end of the city, macrame boards from Michael’s Craft Store on the other, and then try desperately not to terrify a child in Safeway as I shout at them to quickly describe what a Frost princess looks like while I pick up flour that I forgot to get at Wal-Mart, along with the Frost princess mold at Michael’s Craft Store. At this point, I would be prepared to bake a sponge cake and whittle a Frost princess from it.”

While telling this story to Michael, he gently yawns and stretches like a cat that just woke from nap, and strokes my back in a soothing way while my pupils dilate, un-dilate, dilate, and my chest heaves from the heart palpitations.


More tea. Tea in tins. Tea in small round containers. Tea in bags. The bagged tea is from David’s Tea and covers oolong to green to black to herbal varieties.

I drink two, maybe threeorfourorfive, cups of coffee a day, but thought I should try to drink nothing but tea.

Day 1 of my new exclusive tea drinking went well. No headaches. A peaceful calm came over me. I didn’t feel I had to rush to do anything. I felt peace. Glorious peaceful peace. But peace doesn’t mean content with one’s tea supply. Suddenly my world of Earl Grey seemed awfully small, so with my new relaxed state of mind, took a relaxed lunch break at work and wandered over to Edmonton City Centre to check out the teas at David’s Tea.

I came home with assortments of oolong, blacks, greens and herbal. I attempted to discuss pu-erh tea with the person behind the counter, but when I said, “Oh, you have a lot of poo-air” the person looked just a little horrified.  I abandoned further discussion on that type of tea.

I will not bore you with describing all the teas I got because tea is such an individual thing. Michael drinks regular Tetley, day in and day out. This has been going on for decades. I need to change things up every now and then, and David’s Tea allows that to happen. What I particularly like about them is the ability to buy very small amounts just to try. I have always turned my nose up at fruit infused tea, but came home with a few samples that have change my mind.


Michael’s tea pot because he likes his tea out of a pot. I’m content with a mug, but just recently bought a pineapple pot from David’s Tea because it was on sale 40% off.

After two full days of tea only, I did feel far more relaxed, and had no headaches. On Day 3, I made the mistake of picking up a bag of Transcend Coffee beans I had purchased last week, and squished the bag. The scent of fresh, delicious coffee wafted out, and realized right then, that I could never give up coffee entirely. I am trying now to have just one maybetwo coffees a day, and fill in the rest with tea. Everything in moderation as they say.




Food – Some Thoughts


I sit here in the cool breeze of our 25 year old floor fan, watching Guest-cat’s hair float in the sun beam, listening to my possessed iTunes library (I shut off iTunes. iTunes starts up again. Repeat), and wonder what on earth I could possibly write about. Let’s go free form:

Lays Ketchup Potato Chips
My cubicle neighbour is selling snack size potato chips. I rarely eat potato chips, but at 50 cents a bag and with a gentle-push on my chair, I can roll right on over and make my purchase. Who can resist the bargain and convenience? I have eaten my way through three bags. They don’t taste even remotely like ketchup. Perhaps it should be catsup chips. That I could understand.

Gin and Tonic
What’s a Walsh Cooks blog post without mentioning gin and tonic. Enough said.

Keurig and K-Cups
I resisted this for years, thinking it was a fad that go the way of mood rings and pet rocks. They still exist. We got one at work. I am completely sold on the convenience. Now I spent minutes a month looking for cheap k-cups, drawing Pro and Con diagrams in my mind about getting a machine for our apartment. I’m not quite there yet, since I’m the only coffee drinker in this home, but still…. And by the way, President’s Choice generic cup Dark Roast is A W E S O M E. It turns me from nasty mean morning person into happy dancing nice person after only one sip.

Buy from a local farmer. Get the pretty coloured ones in pink and green and blue. No other egg will ever compare to these. The fact I just bought 18 white eggs from Save-on for cheap is irrelevant. Do as I say. Not as I do.

Dish Cloths
Tell me what makes them stink after a day, why this happens and what I can do to stop it (other than bleaching them into pale, colourless squares of fabric). We are clean people. Our dish rags are apparently swimming in filth and disease. I honestly can’t think of what crap we are wiping up to make them smell so bad.

I am excited and delighted to be invited by people at Sabor Divino for a media night event. I talked to a friend about the place and he rattled off a few items on their menu to me. Octopus was one of them. I love seafood. Fish seafood. Shrimp seafood. Lobster seafood. I have even eaten baby octopus. Deep fried to smithereens baby octopus (no, it wasn’t wearing diapers and didn’t have a soother in its mouth – I know you pictured it that way, but it didn’t). But this sounds like adult octopus. Octopus that the Portugese eat every Wednesday for supper, like we eat BBQ burgers. Octopus that could call a World Cup game. Octopus that could squeeze me until my head pops off. Octopus that can suction cup onto my back and make for a difficult and awkward day at work. I am a bit nervous about this, but will live up to my tag line in Twitter, “Everything. At least once”.

And with that my lovely two readers in Brazil, I am calling it a night.

Rocky Mountain Icehouse


IMG_2676Michael and I got a sneak peek at the too-cool-for-words, super relaxed Rocky Mountain Icehouse, located at 10516 Jasper Avenue.

Wayne and Susan have done it again. They have taken the best bits of the Cask & Barrel –  the cozy seating, best drinks, awesome music (live and playlist), and great design… and ramped it up into a beautifully designed, comfortable space in the old Jasper Block.

Jasper Block_1The main floor of the old Jasper Block has been completely gutted and designed into a flexible, comfortable space to enjoy time with friends, listen to some great music, nosh on delicious food (the menu is exciting – topping the list? Pig Nuts!), and most important, still encourages the art of conversation.

IMG_2673We attended a sneak peek. I will not give away all the secrets because to get the full effect, you must go and check it out for yourself (plus my pictures don’t do it justice).

IMG_2668The Grand Opening is July 25 and 26, starting at 4 pm both days.

We hope to see you there!

Sponge Cake


Happy first day summer! The sun is shining, the leaf curler caterpillars are dangling from the trees, friends are meeting on sunny patios for icy beverages, having great conversation and giving away eggs (thank you @Super_Su!).

P1020678 Not regular eggs either. These are beautiful farm fresh eggs which I am sure were laid by the prettiest chickens in Alberta. Look carefully, some are blue and green! The city girl in me wants to know how a robin mated with a chicken to come up with a blue egg… but I have been assured (perhaps comforted) that robins and chickens are not going at it behind the coop. And I’m sure someone out there sighing deeply and rolling their eyes and wants to leave a comment that chickens don’t need to “go at it” in order to lay an egg for breakfast. I don’t know about these things. Let’s leave it a mystery for now.

Now the thing is, I went to Seba Beach a few weeks ago and popped in at the farmers market. I came home with a dozen farm fresh eggs from Nature Spring Farm. We love our eggs Michael and I do, but two dozen is a bit much. What to do?

Sponge cake.

I could hear Mom’s voice in my head from ages ago…. “If you ever have a lot of eggs to use up, make a sponge cake”. So I did. It takes six eggs. And a lot of stamina.

P1020679If you have a modern kitchen you probably have a Kitchen Aid mixer you bought at Costco, which cracks and separates the eggs for you, beats yolks to a buttery yellow froth, self cleans, then beats whites to stiff peaks. I don’t have that luxury. I used my little electric hand mixer quite successfully, but it took away 10 MINUTES OF MY LIFE. I am kidding. Not about the 10 minutes, but I went in to a sort of trance, occasionally snapping out of it when the thought of the hand-mixer slipping and chewing through my fingers would pop in my head.

P1020684P1020687P1020688P1020689P1020691P1020692P1020693P1020695The recipe I used is in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. There are many recipes on the net.

But what does one do, once one has baked a sponge cake? You make a Victoria Sponge. That’s what you do. And here’s how:

Find a sponge cake, slice it, put a nice smear of raspberry or strawberry jam on half, fill with fresh whipped cream, and add another slice of sponge cake. If you want to get all fancy-schmancy, dust with powdered sugar. Serve with…… ?  Tea of course!


Gin! The 2014 Season has Begun


Today I am enjoying my first (second if we must be honest) gin and tonic of 2014. Hoorah for gin!

The idea was planted in my head mid-day when I realized that my plans to do 1,427 “things” at work today would not happen. I settled for two “things” (but they were pretty important so am living quite happily with my under-achievement).

I have resumed commuting to and fro from work and home on foot, and the hills I face each way seem to be getting steeper. Today, instead of the “just make it to the next tree”, “make it to the next crack in the path” self-talk I sometimes have to do to help motivate me on my climb, on the way home I had visions of a gin and tonic. It looked something like this:

P1020675The climb home went much faster with the promise of a G & T at the end of the walk. We are talking about climbing Grierson Hill and Scona Road hill in Edmonton. I can’t even begin to think what imagery I would need to climb Everest!

IMPORTANT:  For those healthy people out there, or those who are taking me literally, I would not allow myself to drink my G & Ts until properly re-hydrated with plain old water-water, and after a nice long shower. Now if it were beer we were talking about…..

The F-Words: Food Fun Family Friends Flowers


It’s Mother’s Day. I have had an ache in my chest for most it. But rather concentrate on what I no longer have, decided, after a pleasant afternoon nap and head clearing walk, to concentrate on what I do have.  And rather than provide you with an Oprah list of those things, let’s take a wordy and winding pictorial walk and see a few things that I am grateful for:

Discovered THE coolest little pub on Vancouver Island called the Stonehouse Pub. As you can see by the following pictures, it is buried in among BC’s trees and shrubbery. Michael and I were tipped off about this place as we arrived in Swartz Bay and were lining up to disembark the ferry. I was looking at my iPhone and remarked, aloud, that there should be a Pub Finding App. As it happens one of the crew overheard me say this, and helpfully recommended this place. It’s our new favourite on the Island. The food was delicious. The beer beery. The surroundings, absolutely amazing. Two different patios, lush greenery all around. Loved it enough we were happy to go a second time and invite friend Bonnie with us. We sat outside for hours, despite the chill in the air. We Albertan’s are hearty. It was April. Things were green. It wasn’t raining. We WILL sit outside.


The Stonehouse Pub, complete with tenant that lives upstairs. YES! Just like Coronation Street! (Without the street).


We were sitting on one patio, and this is a picture of the second patio, and side entrance. Can’t wait to see this place in the middle of summer.


Bruschetta. My go-to appy to please the Canada Food Guide people who insist on vegetable intake.


Bonnie and I chilling on the patio.

3rd STREET CAFE – Sidney, BC
If you know me well, you know that I am on a quest for the perfect poached egg. Friend Leslie came back from BC shouting the praises of the 3rd Street Cafe in Sidney. Michael and I went. Three times in one week. Each time? The PERFECT poached egg.


You are looking at the PERFECT poached egg. A little poke in the yolk, and we had oozy goodness for toast dipping.

This place got a very high rating on Urbanspoon. It did not disappoint us and was one of the highlights of our culinary adventures in BC. It was raining this evening, and off to the right, you can see the tents he set up. Tents for two. Lucky for us, one of the tents were available. It was cozy warm for the space heater. Ambiant with the rain pitter-pattering on the tent. The food was outstanding. The price shockingly reasonable. It was a special evening.


Back in Edmonton, Earls makes Michael and I  happy and nostalgic. Despite its modern look, it still takes us down memory lane every time. They are reliable, consistent and always make us feel at home. A few weeks ago we were invited over to Earl’s to sample a few of their new food and boozy items. We had a great time, and love the enthusiasm and hospitality of chef Rui, sous chef Riley, manager Jessica and server Rachel. And honestly, if you are thinking of a career in the food industry, think of Earl’s. I am always impressed to hear how they treat their staff and happy they promote from within.


BBQ Pork Buns. Adorable and delicious!


My ribs. Go away. My ribs. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. I’ve never enjoyed ribs so much in my life. These were succulent. Messy to eat. Definitely not first date food. But definitely 28 years together food.


Crispy Tuna Sushi Cone. My kind of sushi, which means, if you have textural issues, you will be able to eat this and love it.


The Mad Hatter. Vodka, pear, black tea, Kaffir lime, coconut water. A little dry ice for MYSTERY and EXCITEMENT. It was icy cold, refreshing and perfect for patio season. Yet you can still look like a teetotaler.

The BEST poutine. The BEST steak frites. Their prices are starting to rise a bit, but even then, probably the most economic yet perfectly cooked steak in town.


Steak frites with peppercorn sauce. Yum. The wine menu is decent, and that there bottle of Malbec made for a perfectly relaxing evening.



That’s a ham steak. Served with corn and mashed potatoes. There is nothing else to say. So shush. Don’t judge.

Very lucky and grateful for the opportunity that presented itself by the BC Wine people. Wine aficionado and friend Keith and I went, and enjoyed a brilliant afternoon of blind wine samplings – comparing BC wines against their global counterparts. (I reaaallllly enjoyed it because I don’t spit out my samplings – tee hee).

IMG_2312 IMG_2309Learned quite a bit at this event, mainly because Edmonton’s famous wine expert Gurvinder Bhatia (@edmontonwineguy) was in attendance and generated some informative commentary/discussion.

If you are into British television, you may have seen Broadchurch. Well, Broadchurch, is English. And apparently the American’s don’t understand English, so they had to remake Broadchuch for the American audience. And they were doing this in Canada. In Sidney. So here is your sneak preview of Gracepoint.


A bit of a surprise to see the American and Californian flag flapping over what used to be Mineral World in Sidney BC.


Inside the Gracepoint police station.

IMG_2139We were lucky enough to see David Tennant (from afar), and watch a few takes. The security staff surrounding the set were friendly and happy to explain what was happening and shush us up when the camera was rolling. We met up with some crazy David Tennant fans who were not shy about taking pictures of him. I have a few I took myself, but I was shy and the picture quality sad. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that I saw this Dr. Who icon live and in person. He’s tall by the way. Really tall.



Soaking up some April sunshine on the patio.


Our techno savvy family/friends from the USA. They speak English by the way.


Best friends.


Lawn bowling/hot dog eating friends from Victoria.

And other than my quest for the perfect poached egg, I am always in the pursuit of natural beauty in flowers. Michael’s and my favourite place in the world is the beautiful Butchart Gardens just north of Victoria near Brentwood Bay. Our little game is to arrive just at closing time, which gives us an hour to view the gardens with no one around, and then wait until we are politely asked to leave.


A view from our tea spot.


My favourite bench in the gardens.


The view from my favourite bench in the gardens.

So there you have it… a hodge-podge of things that make me happy. Nothing extravagant or expensive. Just simple things – good food, friends, family, flowers and a sense of fun.