Chutney’s Indian Grill

Craving Indian food but don’t feel like the mental wrestling needed when visiting a buffet? You know what I mean. You go in thinking “I’ll just pick a little bit of this and that and call it a night”. Nuh-uh. Next thing you know you are trying to discreetly unbutton your fly to allow for tummy expansion and breathing space while wondering at the Very Same Moment, if you should have one more piece of naan to sop up the remains of the butter  sauce on your plate because, afterall, you are paying $25 and need to get every penny worth of food.

As you drive home you berate yourself for eating too much and swear for the 1,000th time (say it together now) “I’ll never do that again”. Once you are home you burst out of your clothes, flake out on the couch and commence a few hours of nothingness while your body sighs deeply and gets to work to try to digest the overload of food.

Edmonton now has a terrific option for those craving delicious Indian food, but don’t want the commitment of a food coma afterwards. Chutney’s Indian Grill offers delicious, fresh-made Indian food for those looking for a healthy guilt-free eating experience.

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Chutney’s Indian Grill just opened. The decor is colourful, bright and with clean lines. There is abundant tables and chairs, as well as a few high stools at a counter.

To order, it is the now familiar line where you start on one end to select your option – burroti (a marriage of roti and burrito), bowl or salad. Next you choose your starch (rice or quinoa), followed by protein (chicken, beef, tofu, chickpeas). Next up is the difficult decision of sauce – butter, tikka, dahl, or vindaloo. Next, select your favourite veggie toppings and finally, your favourite chutney.

For a place called Chutney’s, they do not disappoint in their chutney selection. Everyone’s palate is guaranteed to find a chutney to suit them. From a dark tamarind, to a bright cilantro to a sticky (and yummy) mango peach to a fiery hot cranberry red chili.


Michael and I were intrigued and anxious to try the burroti. The dough is fresh and cooked right before your eyes on the DoughPro 400 – an amazing machine that turns a ball of raw dough into a piping hot roti in the blink of an eye.

I chose a combo of quinoa, chickpeas, veggies, vindaloo and mango chutney for my burroti. Although I am the furthest thing from a vegetarian, I do try to pick vegetarian/vegan options now and again to give my body some hope and encouragement of a better life of enlightenment and spirituality (it really means I need the extra fibre in my diet).


The burroti is then wrapped in foil. Novice that I am, I sat down, unwrapped mine and was ready to dig in with fork and knife. Owner Harvey came over in the nick of time to explain how to keep it wrapped, pull the foil back, and eat your portable Indian meal as you would a donair. Amazing!

Michael was enraptured with the entire experience. He could have stood in front of the DoughPro 400 all night if I didn’t drag him away. Although he looks a little perturbed having his picture taken with a burroti in his face, he was as impressed as I was with the delicious flavours.


We really enjoyed ourselves this visit. We think this is a great idea and wish Harvey and his crew the very best of success.

Chutney’s Indian Grill can be found in the deep southeast corner of Edmonton at 4316 – 17th Street. Check out their website at Chutney’s Indian Grill and then go visit them.



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