I’m not saying this is correct, and I mean no disrespect if I got it wrong, but I pronounce it Roast-eee-zah-dough. It does mean roast, as in roast chicken, or roast pork, or roast beef. All served with a side of roasted potatoes… wait for it… in pork fat. Oh my god, those very words create a sort of climactic vibe, complete with curled toes, and a deeply satisfied sigh.

Rostizado is a year old, and belongs to the same delicious food geniuses who brought Edmonton Tres Carnarles, which I wrote about in 2011.

The menu at Rostizado will be explained by your server much better than I will, but if you are uncertain about what you see when you visit their beautiful website, here’s the main point:

Spit Roasted Meat
Roasted Potatoes
Authentic Mexican Yumminess

IMG_4644My friends and I opted to each have our own 1/4 lb of roasted pork with roasted potatoes. It was served with hand made flour tortillas and salsa. It’s not Date Night food. To eat this means you dig in, use your fingers, have no fear of pork fat, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. The serving, for $20, was enormous. I ate the entire plate because there are starving people in the world, but my friends who do not think about the starving people, had left overs.

Rostizado is located in a very cool part of Edmonton, at 10359 – 104 Street. Try not to focus on the construction in the neighbourhood as Edmonton builds the Ice District. Parking is not easy or cheap before 6 pm, but after 6 pm there are a number of free street parking options. For a real treat, plan your dinner after dark, and enjoy the nostalgic Neon Museum (Canada’s first!!!) across the street from Rostizado.

When you arrive at Rostizado, you will be greeted by FIRE on either side of the doors. This does help draw attention to your destination, because from the street, it’s not so easy to see. You will face about 10 steps or so to enter the restaurant. Those with limited mobility will have to enter the restaurant from the rear of the building where there is elevator access. Or, opt to stay on the street and admire the Neon Museum and have your food to go (they do offer Take-Out Service).

Rostizado is located in the historic Mercer Building. A beautiful brick, high ceiling, large wood beamed building that has managed to NOT get burned down. This building is a real treasure to Edmonton, and Rostizado has respected the building’s history to a T. And speaking of history, I was absolutely thrilled to see the music for the restaurant was provided by a turntable, with frequent changes of LP. My table mates and I were particularly thrilled when the needle skipped – it brought back memories for us, and placing a penny on the head shell to prevent skipping.

IMG_4640 (1)Music is a big deal to me, and the sound-system and choice of music in Rostizado is perfect. A bit chill, retro, and laid back. There’s no irritating twang or deep bass that stir the intestines.

My friends and I arrived fairly early by most people’s standards, so we had the place to ourselves for quite a while. As our experience was ending, the place began to fill with an assortment of young hipsters that go “sssswwhhaaa ssssshhwaaaa” a thousand times (I am serious, I could not figure out WHAT they were saying or doing – but it did involve some jumping away from the table and standing alone and looking at their belt buckles), happy couples holding hands, and single, middle aged men sitting at the bar-style seat over looking 104th Street. I am most delighted when there is a group of people meeting for dinner, particularly, when the first people arrive and try to strategically place themselves at the table. To the neurotic, such as myself, it is life affirming to know I am not alone in believing seat placement is everything.

IMG_4643The ambiance in Rostizado will suit everyone. It’s relaxed. The service is friendly. There  is not an ounce of pretentiousness here. It is a haven for those who enjoy food that is meticulously prepared to give you flavour, enjoyment, and memories. Go.

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