Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant – Edmonton

Gyoza. More please.

Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant is a lot like the Tardis from Dr. Who. From the outside, it is part of an average looking strip mall, blending in with the scenery. Once you open the door though, it opens into a simple and tastefully designed space that seems far bigger inside than it does from outside.

We arrived on a Saturday around 7 pm, and had called ahead for a table. At the time we were told there would only be bar seats available, which we had no problem with. However, as it happened a table did open and we were sat immediately.

Yokozuna does have bar seating, open tables with chairs, enclosed tables with chairs, and the quaint zashiki style seating for those that can bend and flex.

Service was quick and efficient. We barely had time to review the sake menu when asked what we wanted for drinks. You will not find hot Gekkeikan on the menu here, instead you will find an overwhelming list of cold sake. We asked for a sampler and received, for $9.00 (each) three samples of their newest choices.

Michael and I are most used to hot sake, and dabbled just a few times before in cold sake. As time passes, we are enjoying the cold sake more and more. The differences in sweetness, alcohol, colour and taste, is amazing. There’s lot yet to learn here.

For food, we were disappointed to learn they were out of toro and hamachi, but only disappointed in that it derailed our usual pattern of what we ordered. Instead, we replaced the usual negitoro cone with California rolls, and the hamachi with unagi. These opportunities are great to try something new.

California rolls with sesame seed option.
Unagi and salmon

The food was delivered promptly. The gyoza were simply delicious and we both had to talk ourselves out of ordering a second order. The remainder of the sushi was fresh and delicious. The tuna sashimi was some of the best I’ve ever had.

Tuna sashimi. More please.

If you are looking for a great Japanese food experience, I highly recommending finding your way to Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant. It is located at 4121 – 106 St NW, Edmonton, AB. Call 780-431-1508.

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