Gin! The 2014 Season has Begun

Today I am enjoying my first (second if we must be honest) gin and tonic of 2014. Hoorah for gin!

The idea was planted in my head mid-day when I realized that my plans to do 1,427 “things” at work today would not happen. I settled for two “things” (but they were pretty important so am living quite happily with my under-achievement).

I have resumed commuting to and fro from work and home on foot, and the hills I face each way seem to be getting steeper. Today, instead of the “just make it to the next tree”, “make it to the next crack in the path” self-talk I sometimes have to do to help motivate me on my climb, on the way home I had visions of a gin and tonic. It looked something like this:

P1020675The climb home went much faster with the promise of a G & T at the end of the walk. We are talking about climbing Grierson Hill and Scona Road hill in Edmonton. I can’t even begin to think what imagery I would need to climb Everest!

IMPORTANT:  For those healthy people out there, or those who are taking me literally, I would not allow myself to drink my G & Ts until properly re-hydrated with plain old water-water, and after a nice long shower. Now if it were beer we were talking about…..

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