Come on Edmonton! It’s APRIL!

If you click and make this big, you can see “snow mountain” out there on the horizon.


I was just fine with the weather we’ve been having. But when I woke up this morning and looked at yet another layer of snow blanketing the city, I sighed deeply. And deeply again.

Let’s go back a few days. Thursday night. Most fantastic night out. Cab ride home sort of fantastic. Then Friday. Feeling a bit past my sell-buy date from the previous nights fun. No power in the apartment from 9 to 1. This was planned. I had the idea to be out of the apartment running errands, but I had no car and no motivation to get the car. We had no water pressure to take a shower. I can count about three times I went to turn on the kettle for coffee, and three times remember, “Oh ya. No power”. So I burrowed myself in bed and slept like the dead.

Power eventually comes back on with the chirping of the smoke alarm. But then I hear ping ping ping. I notice rivulets of water coming down our inside wall.

A pipe burst in our upstairs neighbour’s apartment, flooding our carpeted hallway. Hungover. No water. No power. No coffee. No tea! Then too much water. Sploshy sploshy Singin’ in the Rain sort of water.


I was momentarily Very Excited, because I remembered we had a Sham Wow in our cupboard. But our Sham Wow didn’t work. Vince is a F’ing liar. Capital F.

shamwow-best-informercialsOur building management responded fairly quickly, although I had to spend some time trying to remind our maintenance guy that there was in fact another floor above us. We did get the water flow turned off, water sucking machines brought in, and now an industrial blower that has quite literally ripped up our carpet in the hallway and ballooning up in dramatic uprising.


My interest in everything waned. Michael tried to encourage me to watch a bit of curling followed by the Davis Cup this afternoon (bless him), but all I could do is watch cat videos on You Tube.

What’s a girl to do? Tea doesn’t quite cut it. But wine does.

I have had a glass of wine (surprising, because I swore off drinking alcohol ever again after Thursday night). I’ve got the Animals belting out House of the Rising Sun, a batch of meaty pasta sauce on simmer on the stove, Michael holed up in his “man cave” watching the Davis Cup with his tea eating Jaffa Cakes. And between writing paragraphs, I check out the window to see if the ice has melted a bit more on the North Saskatchewan river. It hasn’t. Not today.

But as you can see in the pictures at the top, the sky is blue, and getting bluer. Things can only get better. My optimism fully restored thanks to a simple glass of wine and some decent music.

Spring is ready to step out of the closet and belt out an aria at any moment. Of this I am certain.

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  1. Walsh Cooks says:

    Kids, this is why you stay in school and study grammar. I clarify – Michael was in his man cave eating Jaffa Cakes and drinking his tea. Jaffa Cakes do not in fact eat tea. Not in Canada anyway.

  2. The humble comma can prevent many unfortunate misunderstandings, as in the classic “Let’s eat Grandma” versus “Let’s eat, Grandma.”

    Those carpet blowers make a helluva racket. They can drive me mental. Hope you’re holding up okay.

  3. Khrys says:

    Shout out next time this happens (hoping, of course, that it doesn’t) and I’ll come pick you two up so you can have hot tea and hot showers and a board game or two at our place until such time as the reverse-Hoovers are done and things are peaceful once again.

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