Manor Bistro to Jesus Christ Superstar

Ate at the Manor Bistro tonight – had a GREAT supper…. tried baby octopus for the first time ever (it didn’t suction cup itself to the roof of my mouth as I expected it would.  Required minimal coaxing from chef Alex Sneezwell).  Also tried a sampling of ravioli made with salt cod and goat cheese. Seriously. It was good! Different. But good! This was followed by delicious cobia fish (a handsome meaty fish) served with carrot puree, a pan fried scallop and potato salad with orange and jalapenos with a special kick.


Met bartender Brandon from Vancouver, then Victoria, now Edmonton (wtf??), who treated us to menu samplings of Sunday’s “tea party”. A tea party with a special kick if you know what I mean.  If you go, ask specifically for the Peaty Chai (if you are into earthy smokey tea and whiskey). Michael is still mumbling… “it was a good foam” (you have to experience this to understand).


For dessert it was a quick dash to Holy Trinity just in the nick of time to join Jesus Christ Superstar at halftime. Bawled my way through second half, yet feeling the joy and happiness of an amazing production put together by an amazing group of people.

This was a Good Day. So good, I want to hug everyone. So you…. I hug. And you. And you too.

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