Laurence Fox is not Here

To the four people who did an internet search for Laurence Fox and ended up at my blog expecting to find him here, he’s not.

However, since you are here, I did mention him once in passing here almost three years ago to the day at

For those of you who are wondering, Laurence Fox is a British actor, related to … well, read about his details here at

I know Laurence Fox only for his acting in the PBS show Inspector Lewis. He’s an amazingly handsome and talented man who casts me into in a bit of a swoon. Michael puts up with this with patience and grace and a few eye rolls.

Laurence Fox has no association with my blog. HOWEVER, and I stress HOWEVER, if Laurence Fox ever found himself in Edmonton and wanted to have a nice English cuppa, and maybe a bit of toast and Marmite, I would shake out the table cloth, tidy the cupboards, and bleach the cups in preparation.

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