Sunday in Edmonton

It’s grey and dusty here, and I’m a bit grumpy to be an Albertan. I’m mad at my new Time Machine because it’s not as intuitive as the other Apple pieces I own.

Onto happier news, we went to Ikea (a 20 minute journey that probably cost $5.00 is gasoline) to buy a new $2.00 potato peeler. Picked up funnels and lightbulbs as well. Ikea is as bad as Costco. You can NEVER buy one thing, and when you get home you wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?”.

Had tea and lunch at Mom’s (thank you Mom!!!!), followed by a nice walk in the neighbourhood to see what’s changed in the last 7 days. Happy to report Old Strathcona is basically the way we left it.

Michael is watching a show on the Treehopper insect found in Ecuador, and is fascinated by it. I suppose I can go and pretend I’m interested (but secretly will be thinking about Laurence Fox as Detective Sergeant James Hathaway diving into a pool to save MY life….).

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