Surviving without Sugar

My dear blog readers, I want to share with you that today marks one and a half weeks without sugar.



That space is to allow some time to let the cheering and applause to die down.

I was alarmed 2 weeks ago when I caught myself spooning extra sugar on an already sweet pie. Upon reflection, I realized that after work I’d go through cupboards, closets and potted plants looking for Michael’s stash of Jelly Babies and wine gums, like a junkie looks for their next hit. If I didn’t get my sugar addiction under control, I felt that soon I would be on Jasper Avenue asking strangers, “Hey, can I bum a Twizzler?”, or worse, pocketing Cherry Blossoms and hiding in a dark alley to suck out the sweet oozy middle for a quick hit, with empty yellow boxes and scrunched up foil surrounding me like used needles.

Since Betty Ford doesn’t have rehab for sugar addicts, I had to take matters in my own hands. I read that some people wean, others go cold turkey. I decided on the cold turkey route. It worked when I gave up cigarettes, I would make it work with sugar.

I have to say, it was fairly easy, and if you gentlemen readers can just avert your eyes for the remainder of this paragraph, I even got through my grouchy crabby hormonal monthlies a-okay. Maybe I should re-word that. Michael survived my grouchy crabby hormonal monthlies a-okay. The fact that he left town for most of it is irrelevant.

But here we are at 1.5 weeks, and it is just one of those happy days where I felt the urge to imbibe in a wee cocktail after work to relax and set the tone for the rest of the evening to give Michael and I a mid-week break from chores, errands and other obligations.

What is my cocktail of choice? All together now….

Gin & Tonic!!!

Now you readers who are On The Ball, realize that tonic is full of sugar. Lots of sugar. And by imbibing in a classic G & T will toss me off the sugar-free wagon into to the ditch. Giggling, but in the ditch.

I had to quit smoking a few dozen times before it finally stuck (it’s been 11 years). I imagine giving up sugar will be much the same.  As I am in this for the long haul I have to also recognize that sugar has a place in our diets, and sometimes just can’t be avoided like at family celebrations, or on a regular old Wednesday evening just because.

I can honestly say I have noticed a difference without so much sugar in my life. No longer do I have the sugar highs that had me bouncing off the walls like a manic weirdo, followed by grumpy sleepy lows. It’s a nice feeling, and I hope to keep it this way.



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