Blog Week – Day 4 – Meal Ideas

Subtitled: Meal Ideas When You are Tired and Everyone is Tired

Today, when it seems everyone I talk to is exhausted because of the combination of heat thunder heat rain heat humidity heat rain heat oh there goes a canoe down the middle of the street heat and my lone geranium is now salad because of the heat rain combo, it’s time to come up with meal ideas when you are tired and everyone else is tired.

The easiest solution, of course, is to go out for supper. But exhaustion levels are high, we’ve eaten out a lot lately, and getting organized to get in the car sounds like too much work. Even if we made it to the car, my crab-o-meter would be high, so one wrong comment about my unladylike response to a gentlemen in the big ugly diesel truck cutting us off, could equate to an evening of sulking in separate rooms.

Let’s avoid that and go through the cupboards and fridge and come up with some meal ideas! (Note, I am not a dietician, and this list is NOT dietician friendly).

  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • Left over tuna sandwich (which Michael will be having since he forgot to take my 5 am labour of love to work with him today for his lunch)
  • Salad (providing salad is premixed and dressing is premixed)
  • Popcorn
  • Microwaveable “lean” meal in cardboard box covered in ice crystals that you bought in 2006 after eating too much junk food one day with the idea that THIS is the ticket to become super model thin super fast
  • Campbell’s Soup
  • Carrots
  • Coke Zero
  • Expired vanilla yogurt
  • Grilled cheese!

I believe I can muster up the energy to make a grilled cheese sandwich for supper. Here goes:

Select the cheese (today will be a bit of old cheddar and jalapeno Havarti
Butter your two slices of white bread.
Arrange cheese on bread on the non-buttered side.
Carefully place sandwich on the pre-heated pan. I set the dial to Medium. Gas mark 497 in the UK.
*#$&%!!!! Shouldn’t look quite this brown.
Should look nice and golden like this.
Slice in half, set on plate, give it a few seconds to allow the ooze to happen.

Once supper is done, and before flaking out on the chesterfield, rummage through cupboards to find the bag of jujubes your husband hid on you.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. jenny says:

    Great dinner choice 🙂 You put havarti on your grilled cheese? You are rich. I bet you own a blender too!

  2. I’d try a grilled jujube sandwich!

  3. Donna says:

    Cathy – I just had to say it… White Bread??????

  4. Michelle says:

    You are a good woman. And white bread is the way to go 😉 And tbh, that cheese sandwich has now made me so hungry I have to go and make myself one. Bad Cathy… you’re making me move again!

  5. Ana says:

    I love grilled cheese sandwiches… and yours looks so yummy.

  6. Peter says:

    mmmmm ooze, rightfully belongs on white bread, Cath BRAVO. Keep it real girl!

  7. Grilled cheese is good just add a dill pickle or so…I tend to celean out evrything in the fridge before shopping much to my families dislike.

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