Blog Week – Day 3 – Cup Cakes!

Today is my hubby’s birthday!!

This is Michael being manly on the dock.


This particular fire work, which also happens to be the only photo that is not too blurry, was set off on July 1 in honour of Michael’s birthday. Not really. And it was set off in 2011, but it is the only stock footage of something celebratory and not blurry in my archives.

To have a proper birthday celebration in our family, it must, absolutely MUST be celebrated with a sweet cake with icing. Take your pick of the form of this delicious combination, but for this particular birthday, we are having cupcakes.

Cupcakes… oh yes, you know you want one!

Other than a nice cup of tea, toast and marmite, and a firm grip of the remote control for the TV, nothing makes Michael grin quite as happily when he’s eating a cupcake.

When eating cupcakes, I will pick the prettiest cake of the lot, rip off the paper bottom and inhale the thing (through my mouth, not my nose lest you think I’m being literal). Michael, however, is one of those people that spends time looking at the cupcake, then painfully and gently peels off the paper, then nibbles at the cake over a period of 20 to 30 minutes.

Reminds me of the story Little House on the Prairie when the Ingalls sisters were given one single boiled sweet each, wrapped in wax paper, and it takes them 3 weeks just to take off the wrapper, and then eat the thing, lick by lick over a period of 7 months. I might have the details wrong, but that’s how I remember it.

There are a number of cupcake shops in Edmonton, and we have tried them all. Although all serve a decent cupcake, without a doubt, the one that rises above all the rest is Crave Cupcakes.

The parking lot appears empty, but that is only because there is no shade. All the cars were parked further in the lot, under tiny little saplings to take advantage of any degree of shade possible.

We find the cake bit of the cupcake to be delicious in that is provides a depth of flavour the other shops don’t. The icing (which to me really is the best part) is yum-meeeee.

This Crave Cupcakes shop is located at 7929 Calgary Trail. Same building as Planet Organic, just north of Save On Foods.

Well, look at the time! Time to move along now, and get ready to celebrate Michael’s day. A big thank you to Stanley (RIP) and Margaret Walsh for creating this beautiful man.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Aw, happy birthday Michael! Hope you have a fabulous year ahead. Cathy is a lucky woman to have you 🙂

  2. May the birthday boy have all the cupcakes he wants!

  3. Happy birthday Michael! Enjoy your cupcakes!

    Michelle @

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