Random Post of Stuff

Life has been happening and I’ve had to be responsible and engaged in said life activities so spending time here hasn’t happened.

But here I am! I’m here! If only just for a second. So what can I say about the food world that will tease and tantalize and make  you keep coming back here even when I’m not posting with regularity. (Have I ever posted with regularity? No. I don’t fool myself. But it was nice to say).

Let’s start with a Canada goose. It’s a bit off the topic of food (although I think there was a discussion somewhere at sometime about culling flocks of geese to help feed the poor) (did I dream that?), but I know for a fact, this Canada goose is enroute to Edmonton from Regina and is plotting a sneak attack on an unsuspecting friend. It’s a long story, and you really don’t want to know. Trust me.

This picture of my Mom (left) and Auntie Anna (right) makes me laugh because it reminds me of those wildlife cameras left in the woods and some woodland creature walks right up to it and checks out the lens. Another picture unrelated to food, but both family members are clutching glasses of wine, so on that count, it fits.

This is a fuzzy shot of our favourite sushi restaurant in Victoria (Japanese Village). That is the famous Sammy-san on the right. I was trying to be subtle about taking the shot, and that is why you have Michael’s shoulder in the picture. I haven’t the guts to boldly walk up to people and say, “Hey I want to take your picture”.

Last trip to Calgary brought us to Jelly Modern Doughnuts (as seen on You Gotta Eat Here). Here are some kid-friendly versions (in shadow for dramatic effect).

Above are the left overs of an afternoon tea-spread at Cally’s Teas on Whyte Ave. I can’t say enough nice stuff about this place. Michael and I both got our own little pot of tea – brewed to perfection and we did not have to fuss with the leaves, that was all taken care of for us – and we selected the most delicious raspberry jam tarts I’ve ever had. They were teeny and adorable and so delicious, we ate them without any thought to saving them on “film” for posterity. For the gents, this place is not all frilly and la-de-dah, and you will fit in quite comfortably with your hairy arms and dungarees (as you can see in the picture).

An important part of my life is about to step through the door at any moment, so I should prepare myself and channel my best June Cleaver. And so you don’t think I’m that domesticated, June and I are both saying the same thing, “I’ll cook, but you clean”. I want her cheekbones. (pause). June is not saying she wants my cheekbones. Just so we are clear.

And to keep this post with the theme of randomness, this picture has me laughing every time I see it.  So I’m posting it here so I know where to find it for future reference.

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