I cannot believe I’ve written this blog for so long and not once mentioned my love for gnocchi! Mind you, my love for wine, pizza, perogies, cupcakes, roast beef, turkey, turnip puff and yam sandwiches, leaves little room for much else. But come on in gnocchi!! Move over yams! You cupcakes can squeeze in a bit closer… there we go!


Gnocchi is like a tiny dumpling, and in its basic form is made with flour, egg, and potato. I have learned from Wikipedia that the word gnocchi may derive from the Italian word nocchio, meaning a knot in wood, or from nocca (meaning knuckle).

According to WalshCooksapedia though, I would say the word gnocchi derives from the feeling one gets after a hug from your Italian nonna. Perhaps the knuckle and wood comes in if you refuse to eat your 3rd helping of Nonna’s supper, as in “Whattaya meana you hava no rooma for more! You are a so skinny! Mamma will thinka I amma starving you to death! You eatta that or I smasha youra face witha my knuckles and thisa wooda”.

I bought my shelf-stable gnocchi at Safeway today. You simply add it to boiling water, and the second they float, you take them out and toss with your favourite sauce. Today I chose a basil pesto just because I felt like it.

On the comfort Food-O-Meter (TM) gnocchi is up there at level 10.

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  1. I like them too, very simply prepared with butter and herbs.

  2. Keith says:

    I’m a huge gnocchi fan too; huge meaning not just that I’m fat but also that I really, really like them. I even make them at home sometimes: the effort is high but the reward is too. The best tip I’ve adopted is to use a food mill to rice the potatoes after steaming.

  3. Walsh Cooks says:

    I make a similar Ukrainian dish called klutskie (phonetic spelling) which is also potato / flour / egg but is just rolled and cut so looks very rustic compared to gnocchi. Generally my Baba, Mom, and now me, just serve it with butter, fried onions, sometimes but rarely bacon, and a side of cottage cheese. My body size and shape is attributed to food items like this. Ones that I cannot seem to ever say no too.

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